Cherry Slyder

Cherry Slyder has a sweet, fruity flavour with notes of earth and wood that reflect its Afghani roots. A cross of Afghani with Northern Lights, this hybrid acts as an appetite-stimulant while battling stress and anxiety. Cherry Slyder helps take the edge off while allowing consumers to be fully functional and focused. Although it does allow the user to be fully functional, the relaxation from the cannabis might just throw you back on the couch and enjoy the high while it lasts, without having the lack of concentration that other strains might produce. As long as you don’t overindulge, then it can be used for whatever occasion you are in.

Cherry Slyder Background

Cherry Slyder is said to date way back to the 1980s. After the Soviet Union backed out of Afghanistan, a traveller from Amsterdam met up with some cannabis farmers near the Khyber Pass. This traveller shared their weed with the farmers and came back home to Amsterdam with a bunch of Aghan cannabis seeds. Because the seeds were Afghan ones, they weren’t thought to do well when grown indoors or in outdoor conditions, especially with the climate of the Netherlands. Crossing the seeds with Northern lights helped produce a strain that was well-suited for indoor growth. Cherry Slyder has a fairly decent yield, with over 300 grams per square meter.

Cherry Slyder Attributes

Cherry Slyder is the type of weed you want to smoke when you want to lay back and relax, but at the same time, not lose focus or concentration. It will give the user an enhanced sense of creativity, take the worries of your day away, and, while at the same time, remind of you of the sweet tastes of tropical berries. It is indica dominant and doesn’t contain a raging high level of THC, which means it can be comfortably enjoyed by any type of user no matter the tolerance level. Beginner users should still be mindful of their dose, as using tons the first time you try it can potentially have negative effects. If you don’t yet know how weed makes you feel, Cherry Slyder is a perfect introductory strain that won’t put you over the top. The faint smell of Cherry Slyder will remind you of cherries, a little pine, and even diesel. It’s sweet, fragrant aroma will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Details On The High

The type of euphoria produced by Cherry Slyder is moderate, leading up to a full body and mind relaxation. Said to relieve nausea and make you hungry, it’s great for people that have issues with little appetite in their daily living. The relaxing effects of the high will help with insomnia. Users have reported a feeling of increased relaxation while still feeling fully aware of their surroundings. It can aid in the relief of anxiety, spasms, and fatigue. It is a great weed to use after a long day to help you unwind. The main side effect that most users have reported it having is a dry mouth. Its THC profile is still under review, so as always when trying a new strain, it’s best to start small and work your way up to higher doses. Cherry Slyder is known to be in the top 10% of cannabis strains that are sensory promoting. It is also in the top 10% for activities that require you to be focused.

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