Chocolate Rain

You won’t want this rain, rain to go away. Chocolate Rain is the delicious combo of legendary stock from legendary breeders. Eskobar Seeds paired DNA Genetics’ Chocolope with DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush for a chocoholic indica-leaning delight! This hybrid exudes semi-sweet and dark chocolate flavors with notes of sweet berries and elements of Kush on the exhale. Chocolate Rain’s effects are evenly balanced between mind and body, inspiring creativity and leaving users relaxed and happy.

Chocolate Rain, a smooth good vibes strain

The mysterious Escobar Seeds brings us this strain that attracts weed smokers who have a love for chocolate. Chocolate Rain Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was made by crossing Chocolope and DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush. The result of these beautiful combinations is a strain that is rich in chocolate flavours while offering amazing effects for both recreational and medical marijuana users alike. It has an average of 19% THC concentration which means that Chocolate Rain is a great strain to be enjoyed by smokers of all experience levels. Chocolate Rain has incredibly dense nugs that are rather hard to the touch. They come in a gorgeous mint green colour that is beautiful to look at. It has amber trichomes and hairs to complete this picture-perfect plant. As you may have already guessed, Chocolate Rain has hints of mocha and vanilla, with hints of juicy blueberries on the exhale.

Chocolate Rain is a great bud for daytime use. It has a whole array of effects that give you one of the best highs you could ask for. The high starts off with a burst of energy that is light and social, bringing on good vibes. When you are on a Chocolate Rain high staying focused may prove to be difficult. A few puffs of this weed strain will give you a mental and physical experience that includes a mellow relaxation that’s perfect for dealing with an overwhelming day. Some users find that has aphrodisiac properties, so if you want to feel extra frisky, this plant may be a good choice for you. Medical cannabis users can benefit from using this strain as a treatment for various symptoms. One of Chocolate Rain’s strongest and most well-known attributes is its ability to turn frowns upside down.

If you struggle with depression and stress, you may find soothing relief from a few puffs of this bud. It is useful in treating bodily pain including headaches and cramps. Patients who suffer from lack of appetite or nausea appreciate their ability to help you stomach food easier. Those interested in home growing will be pleased to know that Chocolate Rain is known to be a pretty easy strain to grow at home. It does well in an indoor environment and with the right care and attention, your plants will thrive. It does not have a massive yield but it does produce a decent amount that will be perfect as an addition to your own personal weed stash.

It has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, after which you’ll be able to harvest buds off a decent amount of medium-sized plants. Chocolate Rain comes highly recommended within the marijuana community as the best way to start your day, a Chocolate Rain smoke will get you in a positive headspace that will kickstart your day with good vibes. If you are about to have a busy day at work or maybe staying at home to do some spring cleaning or even doing an intense workout, Chocolate Rain makes for a good companion.

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