Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset by Ethos Genetics is a buzzy, tingly combo of Ghost Train Haze and Mandarin Sunset. Beautiful green buds are tinged with purple. Mouthwatering flavor ranges from sour lemon-lime to burnt orange to sweet berries in this memorable, arousing strain.

Citradelic Sunset, the delicious psychedelic strain

This marijuana strain is an evenly balanced hybrid. The buds are a vibrant lime green hue with purple undercurrents scattered throughout. Citradelic Sunset has an instantly invigorating scent that will make you feel awake. This plant has strong floral and citrus notes. The aroma is pungent, indicating its potency. It carries a layered mix of flavours and ultimately tastes much in the same way it smells. The mouth-watering flavours include tangy oranges and limes with sweet indistinguishable notes. The smoke is reminiscent of all sorts of citrus flavours. Once inhaled the sweet lemon taste is finished off with an earthy aftertaste that hits you on the exhale. This cannabis strain is good for daytime and evening usage.

It is a potent high-THC plant that can have varied effects depending on the dosage you take. It is the perfect medical marijuana strain that cures many illnesses and conditions. It is known for being an unforgettable psychedelic smoke. It’s ideal for recreational and medical use that is heavy-handed and suitable for experienced smokers. This bud can have you breaking into a fit of giggles, you’ll definitely feel good on this weed. It will have you feeling uplifted and motivated to get things done.

If you smoke a high dosage of the strain you may end up in a hazy. If you want to remain productive you will need to take a moderate dosage to avoid getting distracted and feeling sluggish. Smoking this strain may give you a sense of euphoria that will make you feel stimulated and awake. This hybrid allows you to enjoy a boost of energy, making it a great choice for a wake and bake smoke. You will probably feel clear-headed and focused while enjoying this smoke and it will have you feeling invigorated and inspired. As far as hybrids go Citradelic Sunset is a bold choice, so if you are a newbie and are not used to this strain’s strength, we recommend that you approach it sparingly.

This weed strain is widely prescribed by many alternative doctors. Using a lower dose it may be helpful in treating people with ADD and ADHD, because it is relaxing and calming, without sedating you. Its mood uplifting properties may help patients with mood disorders and depression. Citradelic Sunset is useful for managing chronic pain conditions such as back pain and migraines. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory that helps with relieving muscle spasms, joint pains and glaucoma. People suffering from chronic fatigue appreciate the bursts of energy it brings on.

For home growers, this strain does well in dry and hot outdoor environment, similar to a Mediterranean climate. If you choose to grow it indoors you will need to apply a hydroponic system to maximize growth. Citradelic Sunset produces average yields.

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