Citral Glue

Citral Glue will have users stuck to their couches in a joyful state of mental and physical bliss. This sativa-dominant cross is bred by Ethno Genetics, who mix their very own Citral Skunk with Original Glue. Aromas of citrus, skunk, and diesel seep out of buds coated in red hairs. This can be an energetic hybrid or cause couch lock, depending on the dosage.
This Citral Glue strain review should guide you on the right path in learning all about this interesting strain. Citral Glue is a powerful strain of cannabis that has a THC content of between 22% and 24%. It has just under 1% of CBD. The Citral Glue strain should be used by experienced cannabis users because of the high potency levels. Because there’s so many various kinds of glue-named cannabis out there, finding “Citral Glue” strain info can sometimes be tricky. On the surface of the bud, you’ll see a heavy coating of trichomes. Some batches can also have a heavy skunk smell to them, so if you’re wanting to be discrete about carrying your weed around, you’ll need to take precautions. Though Citral Glue might not measure up to its parent strains, it has still become quite a popular one.
Citral Glue is known to create an abundant yield if grown properly. It will typically take the grower a while to understand how to cultivate it accurately, but once they do, it will do great. Harvest is ready in around ten weeks, but some like to pull it after nine.

Effects Of Citral Glue

Citral Glue will typically provide a well-balanced high. After consuming, the user will experience feelings of euphoria that will turn into increased energy levels. Users will also want to socialize with everyone around them after they take a few tokes. The Citral Glue weed strain is one that will also lead to feelings of couch lock after the initial surge of energy starts to wear off. When users need a boost in their moods, Citral Glue is an ideal strain for that. Many users like Citral Glue because the increased energy levels help them finish tasks that they’ve been putting off.
As a result of the mood boost that the strain can provide, those dealing with depression can benefit from it. Because of the sedative crash that happens towards the end of the high, Citral Glue is recommended to be used throughout the evening. Just like many strains of cannabis, Citral Glue can cause a dry mouth, dry eyes, and sometimes a headache. For those that are fully stressed out and exhausted after a long and tiring day at work, Citral Glue can create a spark of initial energy. The strain can also help those that have a lack of creativity and need to finish a project that requires a sharp and analytical mindset. Fatigue will slowly dissipate as the high overtakes you and provides you with feelings of motivation. The well-balanced high is one that should be able to help anyone who gives it a try.

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