Clementine Kush

Oh, my darling…Clementine Kush by Colorado Seed Inc is the offspring of a Tangerine Sunrise mama and a Sajay Gupta Kush daddy. The strong citrus fragrance comes straight from the mother’s side, while the indica-dominant paternal genes produce trichome-rich colas. This is a versatile strain with both mind and body effects that are relaxing and focused.
Clementine Kush is known to be fairly rare in the cannabis community. This strain is known to be extremely tasty because it reaps the benefits of both of its equally delicious parent strains. With Gupta Kush being the father strain of Clementine Kush, it gains many different medicinal benefits for a wide range of users. The berry flavours mixed the strong citrus taste, and a high CBD level of between 4-6% keeps users always wanting to come back for another taste of it. The THC level can average around 10% to well over 20%, so that makes it good for new and experienced users. Just hearing the name of this strain makes you want to try it out. You’ll experience a sweet but also tangy exhale with hints of earth as well.
Clementine Kush weed also has a pleasant aroma of citrus and floral hints mixing with a background of earth. The high will start off in the head and is perfect for when you feel like you need a little boost in your day or in whatever type of activity you are currently doing. The cerebral flare that you feel almost instantly after exhaling will begin to uplift your mood and keep your focus and alertness at a consistent high. Your mind will begin to soar to new heights and soon after that, you’ll experience a calming high throughout your body. While it doesn’t completely cause sedation, you will feel fully relaxed. Clementine Kush has buds that are long and almost cone-like. They are a minty green colour that has nearly amber coloured hair poking out them. Clementine Kush seeds take around 8-9 weeks to get through to the flowering period. It produces a yield of around 600g per plant when grown indoors.

Medicinal Benefits Of Clementine Kush

The Clementine Kush strain has a variety of different medical benefits. Because of its ability to uplift the mood, it can be used for people that deal with depression or negative thoughts. For those that deal with ongoing fatigue that tends to sap the energy out of you, smoking some of this weed will give you a nice boost. This can help you take care of lingering tasks that you’ve been putting off for some time. Chronic pain issues will also be forgotten about after taking a couple of tokes. Clementine Kush causes the user to feel relaxed while still having a high amount of mental energy. This is an ideal combination for anyone that wants their body to feel relaxed but still have a sharp, clear, and concise mindset.

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