Cobra Lips

Pucker up – Cobra Lips is here! Cobra Lips strain is a cross of Chemdog 3 and Appalachia. Chemdog 3 is known for its pungent diesel-like aroma and its potent and cerebral high. Likewise, Appalachia is well-loved for its cerebral body high that heightens sensory perception. Both are known for their potent punch and recommended for experienced users. Consumers love the body high that is produced by the strain. Many users find it extremely useful in pain management.

The strain is especially useful for physical pain like headaches, body aches, arthritis pain, and muscle spasms. Additionally, the strain can help mental pain as well, for example, anxiety, stress and depression.

Cobra Lips strain is popular as both concentrate and flower and provides great social lubrication for more experienced consumers. Given the uplifting and creative effects and the relaxing pain management effects, the strain can be used for daytime or nighttime use. Thanks to its the focusing effects, it can be enjoyed independently or socially.

Cobra Lips strain is a truly versatile and unique strain – perfect for any occasion! Cobra Lips strain has green buds with orange hairs that are packed in trichomes. These terpenes are kissed with fruity pear flavours and notes of chemicals with a slightly musky undertone. Terpenes are organic compounds produced by plants. They are known for their strong scent that they produce to deter insects and herbivores from eating the plant. This defense mechanism is so sophisticated that the scent can also attract carnivores and parasites that may prey on the herbivores that would eat the plant. The earthy, musky aroma that terpenes produce is strong on the strain.

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