Colin OG S1

Call Colin. Colin OG S1 is a cross of Grateful Dawg and The White (Sour Diesel x Flo) bred by Ethos. A popular indica-dominant strain, Colin OG, is 70% indica and 30% sativa. This strain has plenty of uplifting, euphoric benefits to offer and is a great pick-me-up bud. Colin OG has very little CBD content, if at all, so prepare for plenty of mental stimulation. This bud’s THC content ranges from 18% to 25% and depends on the batch. But, overall, you can expect Colin OG Strain to be reliably potent and full of joy.

Physically, this bud is unique and mysterious looking. Smokers may be surprised by just how dark Colin OG’s spongey nugs are. The strain looks nearly black, but buds are in fact a deep forest green, allowing its bright white trichomes to stand out with polka-dot like a contrast. Colin OG’s flavours and aromas offer plenty of contrast as well. Colin is full of surprises! This strain’s exceptional flavour profile is a mix of pungent skunk and fuel – making it a fairly earthy choice. But, it’s not all savoury. Colin OG also has some sweetness to offer its consumers, with notes of citrus and flowers, sure to please your sweet tooth.

Expect an intoxicating high. Colin OG is probably not your best bet if you have a full to-do list, but will definitely help you in other areas of your life. You’ll soar away quickly and easily with this strain’s euphoric high. Just be prepared for sedative effects. While you’ll feel mentally uplifted, your body will experience the opposite. Hopefully, you have a comfortable place to chill once Colin OG has helped you mellow out. Once you’ve completely absorbed the high’s benefits, you’ll soon be anticipating its blissful return.

Because of this strain’s sedative but mentally uplifting effects, Colin OG has a combination of cerebral and physical medical applications. Regardless of the cause, this potent strain will help you melt away any physical or mental tension. Patients in the market for natural mood-stabilizers may find Colin OG is their knight in shining cannabis armour. This strain is a wonderful remedy to help you overcome symptoms of depression or a stressful lifestyle, allowing you to escape to a blissfully euphoric place. Colin OG is also an excellent strain for relieving cerebral pain. Headaches anyone? Once again, you can call Colin. This bud is also great for treating nausea and upset stomachs. Whether you suffer from motion sickness or experience nausea as a side-effect of another medication or treatment, you’ll readily welcome Colin OG’s relieving potential.

Colin OG is truly a fruit of the earth – a savoury blend of the best that nature has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an escape from stress, sadness or physical discomfort, this strain will help you find a state of happiness and relaxation. You’ll be best to consume Colin OG in the evening, so you can wind down and end your day on a high note.

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