Cookie Puss

Meow…Cookie Puss is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cat Piss, by Jinxproof Genetics. While that may sound somewhat revolting, some phenotypes boast gorgeous pink flowers, and resinous buds emit sweet smells of pine and lime that assault the senses. Soothing and mellow effects are common, though some consumers may find themselves giggly and aroused, a fun and funny combination, just like the strain itself.

Comprised of a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa blend, Cookie Puss can be grown in several different conditions, as it is able to grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. With an average flowering time of approximately 8-9 weeks and a medium to high yield output, this strain makes for a fantastic choice for organic cultivation if one may be interested in doing so. As briefly mentioned, the appearance of the bud is courtesy of its genetic crossing between both Girl Scout Cookie and Cat Piss strains that wonderfully mix together to create a very nice look combining the best attributes of each strain’s particular phenotypes. Cat Piss makes for thicker and snow-speckled appearance while Girl Scout Cookies provides added density and an even more frosty visual.

Additionally, while less common, there are some phenotypes that offer purplish-pink flowers, which further elevates the appearance of this strain, making it one of the best-looking buds out there. When it comes to the general potency levels found in Cookie Puss, despite its name this strain is not to be taken lightly, given that the average THC content of the strain is approximately 24%, which of course means it is quite potent and will offer quite a high when consumed. As such, it is important to know your tolerance and consume this strain little by little until you gain a better understanding of how Cookie Puss personally affects you. In terms of the type of the high you can expect from the cookie puss strain, most users claim to experience a slight lifting sensation that starts from the back of the head causing an elevated mood as well as a certain sense of calmness to go along with it. Over time, this feeling intensifies and begins to spread more throughout the body which in turn causes a tingling sensation resulting in an even deeper and more intense state of relaxation.

Notably, the Cookie Puss strain is also known to elicit increased levels of arousal as well as creativity in some users, creating a largely pleasurable experience. Not to be overlooked, Cookie Puss contains certain properties that can make it useful for medicinal purposes as well. For example, the strain has been found to aid people dealing with symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, mood swings, stress and even depression.

Therefore, Cookie puss is not solely a recreational strain that is meant for people who are aiming to have a good time. It can also be used to aid people with the aforementioned ailments, with the added benefit of a more mellow, but still euphoric state to enjoy.

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