Cookies and Dream

Mmmmm…..cookies. No, you aren’t dreaming, Cookies and Dream is a special blend of all kinds of goodness. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of popular strain Blue Dream (a favorite of Jerry and Dominic of Big Gigantic) and Girl Scout Cookies. The result is a deliciously sweet and pungent strain that is excellent for social activities. Curated in Colorado by Native Roots in collaboration with Big Gigantic, this dreamy strain packs a strong sativa punch.

Cookies and Dream strain is an incredibly popular strain among beginners. Some say it’s because of the taste, but it’s more likely to be the effects. When on this strain, you’re going to feel incredibly focused. So focused in fact, that some people claim they’re able to binge-watch an entire show without moving! Alongside the incredible concentration, is a feeling of creativity that blows away anything that comes close. This particular strain is going to energize you as well, making this weed perfect for social occasions. Smoking Cookies and Dream weed at a party for example are fantastic. You’ll feel talkative, social, and incredibly interested in what people have to say.

When it comes to medical benefits, Cookies and dream strain is great for reducing the intensity of depressive episodes. They’re also great for stress relief, anxiety relief, OCD management, and more. These benefits happen because marijuana tends to release a lot of serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals, into your brain. For perspective, antidepressants tend to release serotonin to make people feel better. The cookies and dream strain is great at doing this and is arguably why the benefits are strong.

As for physical benefits, many find that they’re able to deal with chronic pain a lot easier than without this strain. A prominent example of this is the use of this strain by people with arthritis. A lot of people report that the paint in their joints disappears and is replaced by a simple feeling of warmth. Some even say that it feels like someone rubbed gel onto their bones and soothed the pain away. You can also grow this strain using cookies and dream seeds! Using cookies and dream seeds is a great way to learn to garden, and manage your mental health at the same time!

Unfortunately, there are a few side effects of the Cookies and Dream strain, but they’re not all that dangerous. First of all, a lot of people experience cottonmouth when smoking Cookies and Dream weed. Most believe it’s because of the smoke, but it could also be because you’re dehydrated. Be sure to drink a lot of water and you’ll be fine. Another prominent but less common effect is itchy eyes. If your eyes are irritated be sure to rinse them out with lukewarm water. If these side effects last longer than a few hours, we recommend going out to and visiting a medical professional. They’ll point you in the right direction and help you get rid of the issue. Fear not though, for these issues tend to be very minor, and not severe at all.

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