Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

This is one alien you’ll want to meet. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Alien combines Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter to create a strain that’s spicey, piney and delivers the effects.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is the perfect strain for those who need to chill out and relax. The strain is excellent at calming people down. Soothing the mind and relaxing the body is exactly what Crouching Tiger promises. Expect a creative boost so strong you’ll find being sober boring. Look at the world through a new and different lens. A lens you previously never had access to. Accomplish your tasks, goals, and challenges like you never have before. But beware, for Crouching Tiger isn’t necessarily the best at keeping you awake for long. You may feel the creativity and euphoria for a little while, but when the couch locksets in you’ll want to fall asleep. This makes the strain perfect for people who are too stressed to sleep. Some people even report that the strain gave them a dreamless sleep that lasted the entire night.

This particular strain mixes the old school cannabis flavours with modern-day sweetness. Expect rich and potent Earthy flavour, mixed in with a skunky, pungent dirt taste. Alongside this hardcore classic Kush taste, is a sweet and flowery flavour that makes the entire combination just plain addicting. As for the aroma, expect to have your nose filled with the smell of flowers and traditional cannabis. The flavours and aroma provided by Crouching Tiger are what make the strain a favourite among beginner and veteran cannabis users alike.

Crouching Tiger is an excellent choice for people suffering from various forms of pain and mental illness. A prominent example being muscle spasms and seizures. Crouching Tiger does a fantastic job of relaxing the muscles in order to reduce the severity of the seizures, if not hold them altogether for a little while. Another prime example is eating disorders. Eating disorders like Anorexia often keep people from gaining weight, and can actually make them lose significant and unhealthy amounts of weight. By calming you down and giving you the munchies, Crouching Tiger helps those who suffer from Anorexia gain much-needed weight. Keep in mind however that Crouching Tiger will put you to sleep after a short while, so make sure you have plenty of snacks and food near you before you begin your high. Other examples of hardships that Crouching Tiger reduces are depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, OCD, and even PTSD, otherwise known as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Unfortunately, this strain does have a few side effects. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness. Thankfully dizziness is not common among users, and since this particular strain is for evening use, many users won’t be doing anything that would warrant concern over dizziness. As for dry eyes and mouth, be sure to keep hydrated. Drinking a glass of water every now and then will keep these problems away for sure. If dry eyes persist, try using basic eye drops or washing your eyes out with clean, cold water.

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