Crunch Berry Kush

Ahoy Cap’n Crunch, time to rock the boat with Crunch Berry Kush. This “Chong Certified” hybrid from Encanto Green Cross has a sweet and spicy smell with notes of citrus. This creeper hits both mind and body with a relaxing buzz and tastes just like cereal for which it is named.

If you love the taste of blueberries and oranges you’re going to love Crunch Berry Kush. And no, we don’t mean your average fruit. We’re talking about the freshest thing you’ve ever tasted. A lot of users (those who report back to us anyway) describe the experience as incredibly refreshing, and it should come as no surprise that a lot of those people tend to smoke it just for the flavor! For those out there that love the smell, don’t worry! The taste is not the only refreshing quality of the Crunch Berry Kush strain. The various aromas that are given off are strong and potent but tender all the same. They’ll leave you and everyone around you wanting more. If that’s not enough to convince you to start smoking this strain, keep reading!

One of the most significant effects that Crunch Berry Kush Strain boasts is intense arousal! Smoking Crunch Berry Kush with your partner is bound to make for one hell of a fun night. Trust us, you’ll experience what you thought was impossible. You and your partner will experience confidence and in succession, crazy new ways of going about the act. You’ll feel more inclined to do what you want, and less inclined to worry about your flaws. The fear of doing something wrong will disappear, and you’ll straight up have a great time. A lot of men use this to get over stress-induced erectile dysfunction. ED can be caused by a wide array of things, and regardless of which causes it for you, Crunch Berry Kush will bring you back. One super important thing to point out is that you’ll notice your creativity and imaginative skills go into hyperdrive. Not only will this increase your confidence, but you’ll be so much more creative when it comes to pleasing your partner.

Outside of the bedroom, this strain is actually great for dealing with eating disorders like anorexia. By giving you munchies like crazy, you’ll eat a lot while high and actually gain a lot of weight. What makes this even better is the inability to vomit! It’s our understanding that a lot of people who suffer from anorexia actually purge what they ate, making it harder to gain weight. Well, by reducing both nausea and vomiting to nearly non-existent, you won’t be able to purge! A fact that is actually great for people undergoing chemotherapy treatment. For more information on the Crunch Berry Kush strain, we definitely recommend you read some of our other articles or visit your local weed dispensary.

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