Crystal Coma

Crystal Coma will send users straight to sleep. This rare and heavy-duty sativa induces a calm so heavy, users feel like they’re in a coma – in a good way. Crystal Coma hails from California, the rumored genetic descendant of Skunk #1 and Cheese. This bud placed 3rd at the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, and its heavy-coated trichomes have a THC content of over 25%. Flowery citrus flavors are punctuated with notes of the earth in this PM-only sleep-inducing strain.
Crystal Coma is a strain that will have you imagining a type of icy winter scene in the bitter cold. Even though this strain leans more on the sativa side, it exhibits characteristics that can be seen from both ends of the spectrum. The THC level in Crystal Coma weed is measured to be between 15% and 30%. This means that beginners might want to stay away from this one, because if they manage to get a batch of this strain that is at 30% THC and it’s their first time using, then they might be in for a rough experience.
The Crystal Coma strain has flowers that are multicolored and very appealing to the eye. The buds are bigger in size, and they hold together in a rounded type of formation, almost resembling bullets. The inside of the bud is dense, and the leaves curl inward. The colors on the leaves are a mossy green, and you’ll notice orange and brown pistils popping out everywhere. Crystal Coma has a heavy coating of trichomes that completely cover the bud. Because of the abundance of trichomes, a good grinder is recommended to bust it up to avoid the sticky hands. Crystal Coma seeds will typically flower in around 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

Overall Effects of Crystal Coma

Crystal Coma cannabis produces a high that will kick in pretty fast. Users will feel it in their heads even before they finish exhaling some of the time. Users will initially experience a kind of tight sensation around the forehead and temple areas. Soon after that, a surge will overtake the mind and have thoughts flowing a mile a minute. Despite the mind-racing, the thoughts will still be focused in a categorical way. This makes it an ideal strain for those wanting to focus on analytical tasks that they need to get done. Creativity is also increased, so tasks that require a substantial amount of brainstorming can really benefit from Crystal Coma. If users aren’t in a productive mindset after consuming Crystal Coma, they can just lay back and enjoy the euphoric feelings.
As time progresses, users will start to experience a relaxation that will flush throughout their bodies. Tense muscles will feel calmer, and sedation might begin to occur. Crystal Coma is a recommended strain for watching movies because of the cerebral high it produces.
Crystal Coma can help people dealing with attention deficit disorders by keeping their focus and concentration on a single task at a time. Anyone dealing with depression will benefit from the uplifting and motivating effects. Pain can be relieved because of the physical relaxation the Crystal Coma offers.

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