This strain is a Wild West for your sensations. It combines Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Bubba Kush to create an indica strain you won’t forget. It has a stinky, spicy, and sweet smell to it. It’s great for relaxing after a long day.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you definitely need to check out the Deadwood strain. This cannabis strain is super strong and will put even the most stubborn insomniacs to sleep. And it doesn’t even take all that many hits! Some people don’t even get high, they just get tired and get a great night’s sleep. If that’s what you’re looking for you have definitely come to the right place. Not only will this work for temporary situations (maybe you drank a bunch of coffee or drained a bunch of energy drinks), but a lot of people actually find that it’s somewhat of a long term solution. And no, we don’t mean one hit will cure your insomnia. But instead, after steady use, you essentially train your brain to fall asleep at certain times and under certain conditions. It’s an excellent (and safe) way of falling asleep. Don’t turn to sleep pills ever again, check out the Deadwood strain today and experience the wonder of a great night’s sleep!

For those wondering what the Deadwood strain actually tastes like, imagine stuffing your mouth full of blueberries while drinking lavender infused water. It’s the combination you’ve always wanted but could never obtain. It’s a beautiful and quite addictive combination that’s sure to go hand in hand with its sleeplike effects. The smell is actually quite similar, and this is super important because nobody wants to go to bed smelling like a skunk. Instead, you want to feel wrapped up in the beautiful scent of lavender and blueberry. An aroma so potent and beautiful you’ll be dreaming about running through blue orchards with smooth jazz playing in the background. Trust us, if you’re looking for a sign that tells you this is the strain for you, you’ve found it. This is your sign.

If you thought the Deadwood strain was only good for putting people to sleep you’d be very wrong. It’s actually very good at combating all types of pain as well! Do you suffer from toothaches, headaches, and other types of aches? Well, you’re in luck! Typically those aches are caused by inflammation, and you know what Deadwood does? It reduces inflammation! The same goes for the majority of other pains, whether they be chronic or just situational! You’ll also notice that the Deadwood cannabis strain is great for reducing depressive episodes, and will actually enhance your mood the moment you take a hit! That’s right! It’s a great way to get happy, reduce your pain, and sleep like you’re back in the womb!

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