Diesel Dough

Archive Seed Bank’s Diesel Dough will rev up your tank and warm up your oven. A cross between a female Sour Diesel and male Do-Si-Do, this strain is the greatest hits of its genetic predecessors. The strong, pungent flavours and inspiring high of Sour Deisel meet an increased resin production and bud size of the original Do-Si-Do. The result? A funky OG remix that is a new classic and a celebration of cannabis.

Diesel Dough is the perfect remedy for anyone that needs to remain mobile, yet suffers from a lack of motivation. Experience euphoria beyond compare, a flavour equal to that of only the highest quality strains, and a body high that’ll keep you going, rather than lock you down to one location. Fight towards your goals, overcome obstacles, and complete challenges with a peace of mind previously deemed impossible.

Struggling with some sort of mental hardship? Worry no more, for Diesel Dough is the ally you need. Depression and stress are powerful, but Diesel Dough is stronger. Fight back against mental struggle, win the battle, and feel the euphoria that the strain provides. Is your struggle not mental? Perhaps it’s physical. Not to worry, Diesel Dough contends just as well in the physical realm. Say goodbye to migraines and inflammation. Say goodbye to appetite loss. Say goodbye to fatigue, and say hello to the new motivated you.

With the funky elements that the strain boasts, expect a boost in creativity. A boost that will spread across all aspects of life. Think about your music in all different ways, create art that will last lifetimes, and become more insightful than you ever thought was possible. Expect energy levels that will allow you to get things done, and an extreme urge to be social and talkative.

Diesel Dough Strain is a celebration of the history of cannabis. A celebration of the genetics that allow for such strains to become so fantastic. Although the celebration of such quality weed is present, slight side effects make themselves known. You may experience dry mouth, and unfortunately, paranoia, but these are easily countered by drinking plenty of fluids, and taking a moment to yourself to relax and feel the euphoria. It’s important to note that these side effects will affect certain people more than others. Some may feel it more, whereas others will feel them less. Either way, the side effects are far from harmful and are at the very most mildly uncomfortable.

With such great attributes comes fantastic flavour. A mix between the Earth, diesel, and cookies. Flavour so good the taste alone will have you coming back for more. Not only does Diesel Dough taste fantastic, but it smells fantastic as well. Experience the powerful aroma of fuel, all the while enjoying the undertones of Kush and incense. The smell is tart, and may even be deemed pungent. Regardless, the strain smells fantastic and is bound to have you, and any others who smell it, running back for more.

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