What the doox is Doox? A sativa-dom hybrid of Purple Cow and the infamous Chemdawg. Doox has pretty pastel flowers iced in a warm coat of resin that become bright green skunky buds. Sweet citrus flavours are accompanied by a sour, pungent scent for a fast-acting euphoric buzz.

Doox is a special strain that you’ll want to carry in your cannabis inventory wherever you go. The producers of Doox are known to create artisan strains that are clean and slow-cured. Throughout the production of this strain, Purple Cow lent its fruit-flavour terpene profile and trichome production, while Chemdog lent its potent sour notes and very high potency. It has a strange name and produces a body high that is heavy in nature.

The mental and physical high that Doox gives off is even and full full-bodied. You will initially feel a cerebral onset at the beginning of the high that will give you a quick boost in morale with an intense cognitive surge that’s energizing and sometimes tingly behind your eyes. This buzz that you will feel throughout your head will ravel gradually throughout the rest of your body is tingly and soothing waves, leaving you somewhat sedated but still engaged in the mind. Doox has a deliciously potent chemical and citrus stench with a dark sinking heavy pungent skunk type of smell. The taste of each exhale is lemon-lime with traces of earthy sour skunk. The buds that Doox produces are very tight, dense, and dark green with undertones of purple and a covering of crystal trichomes. Consumers might have a tricky time concealing the fragrance from doox because it is sure to fill up an entire room with its sour aroma. Many users that crave the mentally stimulating experience that sativa dominant strains typically provide will love trying out Doox. Upon consumption, it has received a 10 out of 10 rating for making the user feel uplifted and energetic, which is a very good and reliable chance of it happening.

Doox Strain has a fairly high THC level of between 20-21%. Because of this, it is an ideal strain for treating people with conditions like inflammation, depression, general and chronic pain throughout the body, and fatigue. Users have reported using Doox for pain that is caused by arthritis and have said that it is just the right strain to bring enough pain relief without making you too tired to function. Others have said that they use it right in the morning with their coffee because it produces a motivating and happy high that secures them in the right mindset for the rest of the day. As with most strains of cannabis, dry mouth is one of the side effects that Doox can cause.

Doox will generally take around 10 to 12 weeks to grow indoors and is 30% indica and 70% sativa. Indoor yields will produce 12 to 16 ounces per square meter while outdoor yields will generate 16 or more ounces per plant. It thrives in a warm climate, so northern climates will have to take this one indoors if they plan on growing in the cooler months.

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