Dream Beaver

Ohh, dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the ni-i-i-ight….And Dream Beaver by Bodhi Seeds will get you through your day, too. Climb aboard the Dream Beaver strain for an active sativa buzz that’s both mellow and creatively inspiring. Cedar and earth flavors shine through this cross of Appalachia and Dirty Hippy.

Expect Earthy flavours that taste of sweet flowers, chill vibes that’ll calm the soul, and a creative power comparable to none. Struggle with chronic body pains no more, for Dream Beaver is the strain you’ll need to conquer that bodily struggle. Expect pain relief from headaches, toothaches, backaches, and the majority of other assorted aches. The medical abilities of the Dream Beaver strain don’t stop there however, as the various mental health benefits are just as fantastic, if not more. Those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and other related hardships will no longer have to worry when using Dream Beaver. Not to mention, those struggling with fatigue and a lack of motivation will find an excellent ally in the strain.

Besides pain and mental hardship management, many people use Dream Beaver to increase their productivity. The strain is known to make people feel more social, more talkative, and overall just more willing and motivated to get stuff done. Many users report creativity spikes, that often coincide with hilarious fits of uncontrollable giggles. Conquer your goals and problems with the help of Dream Beaver.

As for the specific effects of the strain, many users reported an overall feeling of improved happiness. Just a generic happy feeling that overpowered any sort of negative emotions they may or may not have been feeling. Similarly, many users reported feeling very uplifted, motivated, and energetic. Although there are plenty of positive effects of the strain, approximately a third of surveyed users, unfortunately, reported dry mouth. If you or a friend you know suffers from this symptom, ensure you or them drink plenty of liquids. A smaller but still relevant amount of users reported dry eyes.

When smoking this particular strain, or ingesting in edible form, expect a strong mind high that many report as being extremely pleasant. You’ll feel a subtle body high but one that’s generally more energizing than sedating. It’s perhaps important to note that the strain has a modest THC content that’s typically between eighteen percent and twenty-six percent.

Dream Beaver is easy to pick out from a crowd, as their leaves look fluffy and torn. Orange and rust coloured hairs are often present among the dark green leaves. Overall the strain has the stereotypical sativa build, along with distinct trichomes often white and cloudy in nature. When smoked, Dream Beaver smells of Earth, soil and dirt. Do notice however that herbal undertones are present when the strain is properly cured. Be sure to be ready for a thick smoke that some may find unpleasant on the lungs at first. Due to the thick smoke produced when smoking this strain, many taste toast or burnt marshmallows. Odd aromas like that typically differ from user to user.

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