Look up to the heavens directly to the north, and you will find the brightest star in the sky: the Dream Star. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Oaksterdam Seed Co. that crosses Blue Dream x Stardawg. Dream Star is truly psychoactive in the onset of its cerebral, euphoric high. Due to its powerful natures, it is sometimes used medicinally to treat headaches, depression, pain, are more. Dream Star carries a sweet and fruity aroma that includes sour hints that tickle the nostrils. The buds taste of sweet earth and berries with a chemical aftertaste that brings all the tastes together.

Dreamcatcher is perhaps perfect for fighting back against mental and physical hardships. Due to the strain’s sedative-like effects, those who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia will actually be able to get a good night’s rest. Those suffering from severe levels of stress, anxiety or nerves are known to benefit from the use of the strain, as the strain calms the mind and relaxes you to the point of absolute peace. Loose ends and other stressors will be the least of your worries when deep in the ranks of the calm seas that the strain provides. People suffering from body pains such as toothaches, headaches, backaches, and various injury pains often find comfort in the strain, for the more chill you get, the more the pain fades. Often people suffering from pain aren’t able to fall asleep all that well, but with Dreamcatcher, your worries are no more. Pain is no match for the brilliance of the Dreamcatcher cannabis strain. Last but not least, people suffering from seizures or spasms will benefit greatly from the strain. As you become more and more relaxed, you will experience an intense body high that’s been known to prevent unfortunate and painful muscle spasms, as well as dangerous seizures.

The strain has been known to impress even the most veteran of Cannabis users. The high provided by the strain lasts much longer than other strains and stays strong throughout. When using the strain, expect to be calm and at peace. Expect to be relaxed, creative, and euphoric all at the same time. For first time users, expect a subtle throbbing around the eyes and ears to be the first sign of an oncoming body high.

This particular strain has very well-formed large flowers. As the buds are rounded, the plant maintains a somewhat solid structure. When considering the tightly curling leaves, it should come as no surprise that the strain follows a fairly stereotypical indica structure. The actual colours of the leaves are comprised of light and dark greens, as well as layers of purple in certain phenotypes. Interestingly, it can be said that the leaves look like they’re covered in snow, due to the incredibly white and sometimes clear trichomes that cover the leaves. It is also important to note that these trichomes can be quite sticky, and give the leave and incredibly interesting texture. Potential users should be wary when smoking this particular strain of Cannabis. The smoke produced can be very thick, and the aromas within said smoke tend to be very strong.

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