Dutch Crunch

Potent and relaxing, Durban Cheese is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid that gently blends the effects of both parent strains. Durban Cheese is ideal for treating pain relief, nausea, migraines, loss of appetite, in addition to a wide variety of other ailments. The aroma and flavor is an interesting combination of cheese and lemon that cur.
If you are wondering what strain is Dutch Crunch, then perhaps you have heard of it by its other name- Dutch Treat. The Dutch Crunch strain is an Indica-dominant weed hybrid that originates in the Pacific Northwest but became very popular in Amsterdam. It has a low CBD of around 1% and THC levels between 18% and 30%. This strong strain offers physical benefits and incredible psychoactivity. It is best enjoyed as a nighttime smoke for social settings or just some individuals introspection. This strain is so powerful that it was named the 3rd Best Sativa in the Southern California Cannabis Cup of 2012.
Let’s start our Dutch Crunch Strain review by stating that strain has very mysterious genetics; no one can agree on what it is made from. Breeders like this strain because of its bag appeal, and it is a good option for crossbreeding with other strains. It has been used to create High Definition, Dutch Treat Haze, and Electric Treat strains. It has tapered, conical buds with wispy and soft leaves. The leaves are dark green with yellow pistils and a thick coating of trichomes. They have a loose bud structure making them hard to break apart for a pipe if you do not use a grinder. The cannabis strain Dutch Crunch has a muted woods scent of cedar and pine with a citrus sweetness. The smoke is very smooth and tastes of herbs and pine.

Dutch Crunch strain medical benefits

This plant will hit smokers with a euphoric head rush after just a few puffs. The high bring on mood uplift that makes smokers more sociable talkative than usual. The cerebral effects are followed by physical relaxation that might become general laziness and sleepiness. Smokers may feel lethargic and even get into couchlock if high doses are taken. The strain is useful for easing tension in the body as well.
It is a good option for medical marijuana patients who need relief from insomnia, nausea, and chronic pain. It is helpful to people who have various mental health conditions such as chronic stress, panic, anxiety, and PTSD. The negative side effects that some people experience are dry eyes and dry mouth. This strain is quite potent, so you only need to take a small dose as the high can last for about two hours.

Dutch Crunch strain cultivation

Dutch Crunch weed can be grown indoors with enough care and attention. The plant grows quite tall, it would need to be trimmed, and the fan leaves topped to control it while ensuring they remain relatively bushy. When the Dutch Crunch strain is grown outdoors, it needs to be in a warm climate of between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dutch Crunch cannabis produces a higher than average yield of between 4 and 8 ounces of flowers. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to flower when grown indoors and will flower around September when cultivated outdoors.

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