Dutch Treat Haze

European Lightning Sex is a less-cool way to say Dutch Thunder Fuck, the sativa-dominant hybrid strain by Sirius Buds with the fantastic name. This blend crosses together Dutch Treat x Alaskan Thunderfuck into a truly mouth-watering strain. The buds have a relaxing body effect that allows the mind to explore creatively and enjoy euphoric aspirations.
The Dutch Treat Haze strain is an Indica dominant hybrid plant with an uplifting and creatively inspiring high that turns even the least talented people into creative geniuses. Dutch Treat Haze weed has limited adverse reactions and is a good choice for novice smokers. Side effects of this train include dry eyes and mouth, and you should keep a lot of water handy as you smoke. People who are prone to paranoia should take a limited dosage as this Lemon Head can aggravate panic. The high is very strong without totally overwhelming you.
The Dutch Treat Haze hybrid is the result of combining two superstar strains, Dutch Treat and Super Silver Haze. The mixture creates a sour hybrid with earthy tones that develops into a short plant. The flavor profile also includes spicy and sweet tones with a powerful diesel aroma that is quite difficult to conceal. It can be enjoyed by recreational weed smokers and also by people who need the medical benefits.
The diesel notes in the flavor may have some newbie smokers feeling overwhelmed. This strain also has hints of pine, with a mixture of sour and sweet, making this pant much more intriguing. As you inhale the smoke, you will pick up sweet and earthy flavors with a shock of tangy citrus that will have the inside of your mouth feeling quite tingly. As you exhale, the smoke becomes peppery and woody.

Dutch Treat Haze marijuana effects

The Dutch Treat Haze THC content is measured at about 27%. The high induced by this smoke is uplifting and can get you to totally flip your mood. This plant can move you into a more positive frame of mind and have you feeling more motivated. Dutch Treat Haze can stimulate your more creative side, and it allows you to explore free-associative thinking. Have a smoke when you need an extra push to complete a creative project, or just enjoy a jam session with some buddies.
This strain will have you feeling relaxed without your body feeling heavy. Dutch Treat Haze also induces euphoria, which boosts your mood. On this smoke, a boring day becomes much more exciting and memorable.
This strong hybrid has a wide range of uses for medical cannabis patients. It is especially great for treating symptoms of chronic stress as well as anxiety. Dutch Treat Haze cannabis calms the nerves and can make you feel a lot more clear-headed and like you have more control over your day. Dutch Treat Haze is also very helpful for people who are suffering from chronic depression, as it can easily lift any heavy mood. Even if you have had a rough week, you can benefit from this smoke- it will help you feel much lighter. All of the issues that have been weighing you down dissolve on this smoke. It is also great for managing pain from inflammation. Dutch Treat Haze has also been known to deal with chronic fatigue, clinical exhaustion and burn out.

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