East Coast Alien

East Coast Alien is an uplifting sativa that’s more likely to send users into deep space than NYC or Philly. The essence of OG is potent in this Alien OG and East Coast Sour Diesel cross. Buds are packed with fuel-scented pistils, with minty forest flavors on the exhale. Users enjoy balanced effects that are exhilarating without being overwhelming.

East Coast Alien, an out of this world strain

East Coast Alien Strain is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain characterized by an intense range of flavours and gorgeous effects. It was created by an unknown breeder, but the plant’s roots are deep within a parentage of Alien OG and East Coast Sour Diesel. It is ideal for sailing high above the galaxy at the end of a long day. This steller pot is perfect for smokers of all experience levels.

It has a gentle THC average of 18% that will not overwhelm low tolerance but still give you a great buzz. East Coast Alien buds are beautiful to look at. They are a soft mint green colour mirroring trichomes of the same hue complemented by fuzzy orange pistils. You may smell diesel at the onset with a smooth mint and forest flavour on the exhale. The high brings a strong cerebral lift almost instantly, it will have your mood soaring to euphoric heights. At this point, your creativity will peak. It’s important to note that this high may lose the ability to focus.

As the high progress, your body will experience head to toe tingles bringing about a state of pure relaxation. Depending on your weed tolerance level, East Coast Alien will put you right to sleep. Medical marijuana smokers who are looking for a new strain to try will appreciate the health benefits of East Coast Alien. This bud elevates your mood with ease, meaning that people suffering from stress, depression and mood disorders may find this smoke helpful. It is also useful for patients with chronic fatigue. If you have bodily pain, including cramps and headaches, this strain may provide the relief you need. Medical cannabis users should, however, note that this strain’s heady effects can aggravate anxiety in patients who are prone to that condition. if you are anxiety-prone, proceed with caution.

Sourcing East Coast Alien seeds for home growing is almost as difficult as trying to prove whether or not aliens exist. This beautiful strain can be tough to find on dispensary shelves. If you want to cultivate here at home, you may spend your life trying to make that happen. East Coast Alien is a green and exotic bud that’s best enjoyed on a busy afternoon that will be sure to lead to a relaxing night. If you are looking for a weekend adventure, this may be the best strain for you to try. We are sure that it makes a perfect special Friday treat. You can enjoy this mellow and calming smoke alone to wind down while listening to your favourite album. You may enjoy it even more by puffing and passing it along with a group of good friends over some good conversation on a Friday night.

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