Emperor Cookie Dough

Emperor Cookie Dough is a strain that is known to be very powerful and not recommended for newer users who are just starting out with weed consumption. It’s dominant in sativa, and it was developed by BC Seeds, which is a company over in Vancouver. Emperor Cookie Dough is a mix between Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies. The effects it provides users are fairly balanced, and the flavors it emits are satisfying. In 2016, High Times stated that the Emperor Cookie Dough strain was the most potent one on the market. The THC content ranges from 19% all the way up to 31%.
The Emperor Cookie Dough strain has flowers that are between a medium and large size. Even though the majority of the genetics in this strain is sativa, the buds still have an indica-like structure to them. The leaves are short, yet wide, and they kind of turn inwards a bit. They are lime green in color, and you’ll notice pistils on the leaves that are reddish to rusty-colored. Trichomes coat the buds and this makes them very sticky to touch and bust up if you don’t have a grinder handy.
Emperor Cookie Dough has a biscuit type of aroma, much in the same way that its parents, Girl Scout Cookies has. If you give it a more in-depth smell, you’ll notice some hints of citrus. When you grind up this weed, it will emit a sweet, yet skunky odor. Smoking Emperor Cookie Dough is typically smooth and easy on the lungs. You might taste some earthy flavors coupled with some tartness on the exhale.

General Effects Of Emperor Cookie Dough

You’ll know that you are high almost instantaneously after breathing the aromatic smoke in from Emperor Cookie Dough. Most users will initially feel ahead surge and some extra sensations throughout the forehead and cheekbone areas. After a couple of minutes following consumption, the initial facial feelings dissipate and then users will all of a sudden start having a boost in mindfulness. You’ll begin to think about the meaning of things and what they mean in the world. If you are in a motivated mood before consuming this strain, then that will only be magnified and you’ll want to do activities that are complex and analytical. The Emperor Cookie Dough high is one that lasts quite a long time in comparison to many strains, and it will add some pleasantness and entertainment to your day that may have otherwise been boring.
If anyone wants some assistance with their attention deficit disorders, the initial cerebral effects can aid in increasing focus on single tasks at a time. Depression can be relieved because of the uplifting of the mood that Emperor Cookie Dough provides. Feelings of stress and anxiety can also disappear soon after consumption. If you have any pain, inflammation, or general aches throughout the body, this strain can help take care of that. Another added benefit of this strain is that it can help take away pressure around the eyes that glaucoma patients experience. It’s worth mentioning that if you are prone to panicky feelings or general paranoia, then it is probably best to stay away from it. Pick up some Emperor Cookie Dough seeds to grow some today!

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