French Bread

Let’s get this bread! From Archive Seed Bank, this indica-dominant strain combines Face-Off Bx1 and Perris OG. The result is an orange, citrusy strain that has a nice high.

French Bread provides a fairly mellow high that doesn’t feel like it might overpower the user at any point. Great for beginners that have just started dabbling in different strains, it will give a nice and relaxing body high that won’t take you too far into a sedative state. With an orange and skunky type of smell, it is puzzling how it got the name French Bread. It can taste like a mixture of vanilla, with hints of pine and coffee. The THC content can range from around the mid-teens to low 20’s.

Effects Of French Bread

The French Bread strain will give you a level-headed high that doesn’t hit you too hard to the point that you don’t want to move. Because of the mellow and relaxing type of high, it will give you, it’s recommended to smoke this strain during the evening and night hours, but as its effects are subtle, afternoon tokes are fine as well. If you don’t have anything going on during the afternoon, this strain is perfect to try. The body high is calming and might soothe your aching joints after a long day at work. It is a decent weed for the new user and a good choice for ones that just want to be introduced to marijuana.

Users have suggested that after smoking this strain, you might just want to sit back and watch some tv with some friends. It can make you a little more talkative, give you a mild feeling of euphoria, and will induce some laughter. If you need to take the edge off the mental buzz or constant stress, French Bread is a wise choice. The initial euphoria will soon turn into uplifting happiness that will soon drag away any negative thoughts. As soon as your mood reaches its peak, you will start to feel relaxed and there’s a high chance that a strong case of the munchies will kick in. Like most cannabis strains, this one is not immune from causing dry eyes.

Therapeutic Benefits Of French Bread

Anyone that is suffering from issues related to anxiety will benefit from the relaxation this strain can provide. The racy thoughts will disappear and you will feel more relaxed. Stress will dissipate into dust after a tough day at work. The mood-lifting effects of French Bread make it the ideal strain for those who struggle with depression or negative mindsets. Muscle spasms, minor body aches, and overall pain will be somewhat alleviated. Some days, you might just not be in the mood to talk much. This strain will help you get out of that zone and urge you to be more social.

If you are stressed out, have some pain, or simply need a little mood-booster, French Bread is the ideal choice for the new or experienced user that doesn’t want to be incapacitated to the levels that other strains can potentially do. Not everyone wants to get to that next level of high, and this strain will keep you right where you want to be.

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