Funky Monkey

Grass monkey, That Funky Monkey. This indica-dominant strain combines Mendo Purps and Grape Ape. It’s a great strain for when you have company over.

If you love the taste of blueberries and raspberries you’re definitely in for a treat because the funky monkey cannabis strain tastes a lot like both. Most users who smoke the funky monkey strain report back saying that the blueberry flavor is most prominent. However, the raspberry flavor is also quite thrilling. One important thing to keep in mind is that many do find that a Skunky flavor is always present afterward in a sort of aftertaste kind of way. Nevertheless, if you enjoy the classic Skunky flavor of marijuana you should have no problem with the aftertaste especially considering the initial few tastes of luscious blueberries and overwhelmingly fruity raspberries.

Unfortunately for anyone who smokes this around friends, you’re going to find that everyone wants to take a hit. And that’s largely due to just how good this strain smells. Similarly to the taste, the funky monkey strain smells a lot like blueberries at first. However, instead of a Skunky Smell afterward, most find that the raspberry actually takes over. This is a big pro for this strain because not many people like smelling like skunk and dirt after a light-up session. Plus what’s better than smelling like a fresh raspberry bush after smoking something that’s typically deemed to be potent and smelly.

One of the lesser-known abilities of the funky monkey strain is that it really spices things up in the bedroom if you and your partner smoke it together. Not only will the entire experience be more enjoyable but you’ll be willing to do more things because you won’t be stressed about failure or doing something wrong. This is one of the most common effects reported back to us so we don’t recommend smoking the strain if you’re not ready to experience it.

Similarly to a lot of other strains out there, the funky monkey strain is actually very good at boosting your imagination to a point you probably didn’t think was even reachable. This fact is why writers and artists love to smoke the funky monkey strain so much. If you’ve ever been around an artist, a painter, or a writer you know that sometimes they like to express their message and style in a very unique and colorful way. Hence the reason why this strain is so popular with them.

For more information on the funky monkey cannabis strain, we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary or visit your family doctor or general practitioner. We also would like to recommend that you read some of our other articles about similar strains so that you can find the exact one to fit your needs. Have fun and good luck smoking! We wish you the very best.

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