Golden State Banana

If these were the golden bananas Donkey Kong was after, we don’t blame him. This strain combines Banana Kush and Ghost OG to make an indica strain with a bit of tropical fruit in its flavor. Plus, a hint of citrus, too. Ironically, it’s not as banana-y as you expect, but it’s still a killer strain.
The Golden State Banana strain is a great mixture of the famous and fruity Banana Kush strain and Ghost OG weed. The strain has tropical flavors that smokers really enjoy, and it will give you a strong buzz that is both mental and physical Golden State Banana weed has a THC content in the 15% to 30% range, this is a potent strain. If you have a low tolerance to THC or if you are a new smoker, you should take a very small dosage and pace yourself as you smoke. Taking a high dosage can make you regrettably overwhelmed by the effects.

Golden State Banana strain info

Let us begin our Golden State Banana strain review with some key points about the plant. This strain has massive flowers that form in a bullet-like formation and have a typical Indica structure. The green and banana-yellow leaves are small and tightly-coiled leaves. Curly orange pistils wind through the leaves. The buds have a dewy coating of amber trichomes to cover all its visible surfaces. When this strain is properly cured, it produces a fruity scent that with a whiff of ripe banana as well as sweet and skunky aromas. When the flowers are ground up, you will get pine and tobacco notes. When it is blazed in a pipe or a joint, the smoke is herbal and smooth with a citrus flavor on the exhale.
You can wait as long as 15 minutes after smoking this bud before feeling its effects. The high can start off with an increased pulse around your temples and flushing in your cheeks. What follows is an activated mindset where your thoughts seem more intense than usual. This makes it a good choice for having a free-flowing conversation in a social setting. Some smokers find that this stage of the high distorts their senses and amplifies certain sounds and visual stimuli.
For medical marijuana patients, this strain offers a host of benefits. It can ease muscular tension and even help you breathe more easily. People with attention deficit disorders can focus better on a Golden State Banana dosage. Patients struggling with stress and depression can benefit from this plant’s mood uplifting properties. Golden State Banana may bring relief from aches and pains caused by mild inflammation or more chronic conditions such as lupus and fibromyalgia.
Unfortunately for people who want to grow this strain at home, Golden State Banana seeds do not seem to be available to buy online. If you can get your hands on some mature plant clippings, you can foster your own clones. The strain thrives in controlled indoor conditions as well as humid outdoor environments. The daytime temperatures should be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the strain to blossom. It will take about 8 to 9 weeks for this strain to flower. The plant grows bushy and short and may need to be pruned occasionally to prevent the fan leaves from blocking the light.

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