Golden Tangie

They say “if you rile the tiger, it will show you its golden claws.” Golden Tiger is a complex cross by Ace Seeds using two sets of hybrid genetics: Koh Chang x Hmong Thai crossed with Malawi x 3rd Gen. Malawi. A strain not recommended for inexperienced users, it is a powerful sativa with long-lasting effects likely to cloud the mind. It has a vibrant terpene profile drawing spicy, floral notes from its Thai origins. This strain with ancient lineage comes with a long 11 to 14-week flowering cycle.

If you’re a fan of the tropics and need an energy boost this is definitely the strain for you. The golden tangie strain combines both the flavor of the tropics with the side effect free energy boost that you wish you got from caffeine. To make matters even better a lot of people report that they taste strong hints of orange throughout the entire ordeal. If you ever drink coffee or an energy drink you know that they tend to have some negative side effects. Sometimes they keep you up super late at night, and other times they make you super jittery and anxious. Thankfully the golden tangie strain does no such thing. You will experience an amazing energy boost without any of the negative side effects.

Another super prominent effect of the golden tangie strain is a creativity boost that you have never before experienced. To put this in perspective the human mind puts limits on its own imagination. And marijuana is very good at pushing the boundaries of those limits. Thankfully for anyone interested in the golden tangie strain does an excellent job of pushing those limits. One could argue that this is one of the best strains for creative thoughts and cognitive enhancement. This is one of the reasons why writers and artists alike love to use this strain while working. Not only does it keep them awake so they can finish whatever they need to finish but it actually gives them some wild and inventive thoughts. This is great for them because they love to express their own unique message and very unique and creative ways.

A lot of people report that after the creativity fades they’re left with a feeling of absolute calm. Fortunately, you don’t crash like you do when you’re on caffeine or energy drinks but instead, you slowly fade off and fall into a deep slumber. One of the most significant medical benefits that the stream boasts is chronic pain relief. To put this in perspective, a lot of people with constant migraines use the strain. It relieves them of their pain and leaves them with only warmth. This works for regular headaches, toothaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and more.

If you suffer from inflammation of any kind the golden Tangie strain is what you need to try. Not only will it reduce inflammation and it’s associated pain but it will also give you slightly more mobility if you suffer from a lack of mobility. For more information on this particular strain, we recommend you speak to your family doctor or your local weed dispensary.

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