Gorilla Biscuit

If a gorilla ever gives you a biscuit, just take it. This indica-dominant strain from Seeds of Compassion combines Stardawg IX and Sensi Star to make a Pine-Sol and coffee smell that’s a quite unique amalgam. It’s hard to find, but if you do find it, you’re going to love it.

Gorilla Biscuit is a hybrid cannabis strain that is around 60% indica and 40% sativa. It gets its name from Methaqualone, or more commonly known as quaaludes that date back to the 1970s. If you’ve ever experienced Gorilla Biscuit, you will understand why it is related to that. Beginner cannabis users should keep in mind that this strain can produce a deep feeling of lethargy, so it is recommended to use it during the evening before you go to bed. This strain has buds that are almost the size of pebbles and are forest green in colour with small orange hairs and a glimmering coating of golden-coloured trichomes. Most users that consume Gorilla Biscuit will use it with activities such as watching TV, playing video games and relaxing. Gorilla Biscuit produces a large yield and will generally take 9-10 weeks to flower. It is medium to tall in height and has a strong terpene profile.

The kind of high Gorilla Biscuit initially begins with is a type of euphoric rush to the head that will throw your mind into quite a haze of thoughtfulness and introspection. It will cause some fairly spacey feelings to begin with. As your mindset continues to soar, you will gradually taper off into a buzzing state of happiness that will have you feeling extremely relaxed and slightly aroused.

After these initial feelings start to dissipate, you will feel a heavy and deep haze crawl over you that will cloud your mind with sedation and eventually cause you to fall asleep. Such effects, along with its high THC level of 15-20%, make Gorilla Biscuit ideal for managing conditions like chronic stress, insomnia, depression, cramps, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite.

Users have reported that smoking this strain reminded them of taking quaaludes and that stress, depression, and anxiety all ceased to exist shortly after consuming it. People have also said that all it takes is one hit to feel the effects of Gorilla Biscuit and that they use this strain when they want to experience a couch lock and just go to sleep. As with many other cannabis strains out there, Gorilla Biscuit will typically cause the dry mouth and dry eyes. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia, stress, and even PTSD, Gorilla Biscuit is a recommended therapeutic aid for these conditions.

It won’t take much for you to feel the effects of it, even if you have developed a strong tolerance for other cannabis strains. Users have reported this strain as having a 90% efficacy rate for dealing with sleep conditions so the Gorilla Biscuit strain may be a good choice for a late evening or night time smoke.

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