Gorilla Breath

Emerging from the waters, Godzilla is out for blood, and a joint the size of a skyscraper. From Pua Mana 1st Hawaiin Pakalolo Seed Bank, this strain combines Godzilla glue and The Blood BX2. It has a tropical smell to it and a sweet, hashy, chemical exhale as well. It’s a strain that is coated in resin and filled with cannabinoids. Well worth a try.

Gorilla Breath is a favorite among both veteran and beginner users alike. Unlike other strains, this one is intent upon energizing you. A high is so strong you’ll feel like you’re on cocaine! The majority of people who try this find themselves super focused, incredibly awake, and very high. A popular theme for this strain is overwhelming creativity. Studies have shown that weed has a way of deactivating the part of your brain that limits your imagination. This strain does that as well but in an almost supercharged way. 

This strain does indeed have a variety of medical benefits. First of all, it’s known for its amazing ability to cure eating disorders. Gorilla Breath is famous for the crazy munchies it gives you, meaning those who struggle to eat because they simply don’t feel hungry will no longer have to worry. If you can’t eat because of stress, don’t worry, Gorilla Breath fights that off too! If you actually are able to eat but can’t keep it down (vomiting), fear not, Gorilla Breath is actually pretty good at reducing nausea and vomiting as well. Interesting fact, patients on chemo tend to use marijuana because the anti-nausea like abilities make it a lot easier for them to cope. Another prominent benefit is fatigue reduction. By helping to regulate your sleep patterns, you’ll get the appropriate amount of shut-eye, and will, therefore, feel less fatigued. Depression is another major factor that’s reduced by this strain, and many believe that’s due to the massive amounts of serotonin and dopamine released into the brain when high (especially high on this stuff). Last but not least, this strain is great for reducing chronic pain through the reduction of inflammation.

This strain tastes a lot like diesel and vanilla making for a highly addicting flavor. Underneath the two flavors are plenty of Earth and dirt to keep even the most old school smokers happy. As for the smell, you can expect waves of vanilla and diesel that will once again keep you coming back for months. A lot of people actually like to grow the strain (according to gorilla breath strain reviews). When it comes to how gorilla breath grows, most people say in their gorilla breath strain reviews that the gorilla breath seeds are easy to plant and grow quickly.

This strain does unfortunately have a few negative side effects. First of all, a lot of people report dizziness when moving around while high. Generally moving around while high is a bad idea, but since this strain is meant to energize you, it can be somewhat concerning. The second side effect is cottonmouth, which in all honesty is actually pretty normal.

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