Gorilla Snacks

Go go, Goji. Goji OG combines Snow Lotus and Nepali OG. It’s a berry-flavored strain that has other fruit flavors to it as well, such as licorice, strawberry, black cherry, and more. For growers, it takes about 9 weeks to flower.
The Gorilla Snacks strain was created by Heroes of the Farm. They are based out of Oregon, and the THC content in this strain is extremely high, sitting at between 20% and 31%. Because of it being such a potent strain, Gorilla Snacks should be used with caution in novice users. Veteran users or those that have a high tolerance level will find this strain to do the job just right.
Gorilla Snacks weed has flowers that are medium in size, and they are in somewhat of a tapered formation. The buds appear to be more on the indica side, and the leaves are tiny and broad, curving inward to the stalk of the plant. The color of the buds is a pale-looking shade of sage green. Yellow pistils are scattered throughout the bud, and a dense coating of trichomes covers them. The fragrance of Gorilla Snacks cannabis smells like a pungent pine. If you take another whiff of it up close, you’ll smell more of an earthy and damp soil aroma. Once you crack up the buds, you’ll smell a spicy and peppery fragrance. For more sensitive users out there, smoking Gorilla Snacks can result in coughing fits.

Therapeutic Benefits of Gorilla Snacks

Because of Gorilla Snacks being such a potent strain, it will hit users very fast. Many will feel a quick initial buzz and a bit of pressure surrounding their forehead and temple areas. After these initial physical sensations, users will notice a shift in their perception. Thoughts will seem to be flowing more often, and users might be able to benefit from this if they have any analytical tasks that they have on their to-do list. Because of the free-flowing thought patterns of Gorilla Snacks, it makes it an ideal strain to consume in social gatherings. Sometimes the strain can cause some trippy distortions and time dilation.
After about an hour, Gorilla Snacks will start to lead to more physical sensations in the body. Tingles might begin to flow from the neck to the limbs. Users will feel like a full-body stone has come over them, and anyone that deals with ongoing fatigue or muscular tension can significantly benefit from it. Many users will find that the couch is the best place to be once this body stone creeps up. Gorilla Snacks is recommended to consume in the late afternoon to early evening hours because of the drowsiness that it can cause.
Medicinal marijuana users can benefit from Gorilla Snacks’ effects. Because of its ability to create a boost in the mood, those dealing with depression and stress can find relief. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it useful for those that have cramps and nausea. On the back end of the high, the drowsiness can lead users into a peaceful slumber, which makes it useful for insomnia. Gorilla Snacks is high in THC, and because of its initial cerebral surge, this can cause paranoia in some users, so caution is recommended.

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