Grandpa’s Stash

If someone tells you to go suck on a lemon, this is one lemon to try. This indica-leading strain is from DNA-Genetics, and it smells just like citrus. It’s the combination of Lemon Skunk and Kosher Kush. With up to 23 percent THC, it’s powerful but worth it.

Grandpa’s Stash is one of the most thrilling strains out there. Smoking will make you feel like you’re on a raft out in the middle of the ocean. You’ll taste crazy tropical fruits and smell wonderful amounts of citrus. According to the majority of reviews left by previous users, this particular strain is great for daytime use. It keeps you awake and fills you with energy and euphoria. Most people who smoke Grandpa’s Stash find that they’re chilled out almost immediately as well. You can actually experience blissful calm while being wide awake!

A lot of people find that Grandpa’s Stash marijuana is great for combatting fatigue. We all have those days when it doesn’t matter how much coffee you drink. You simply cannot stay awake! Although we don’t recommend using this at your workplace (unless your boss is pretty freaking awesome), it’s great for working at home. A lot of college students tend to use this when studying because it wakes them up and gets rid of their stress (because of how chill it makes you feel). Speaking of stress, Grandpa’s Stash is wonderful at relieving stress and anxiety. Some people have even left reviews saying the strain has helped alleviate their depression!

Although you may be thinking the medical benefits stop there, we’re going to move onwards to physical ailments! Yes, that’s right! This strain does more than just combat mental health issues. It can actually be used to ease chronic pain! Have you been in a car accident? Did you fall down the stairs? Did those unfortunate events leave you with chronic pain? Well, you’re in luck! Grandpa’s Stash is great when it comes to reducing pain, and it’s also pretty good at reducing inflammation! This means you’ll be able to actually move your limbs again!

Unfortunately, like most cannabis strains out there, Grandpa’s Stash may cause some minor side effects. Fortunately, none of them are major, but it’s good to keep an eye out for them. First of all, if you’re prone to dry mouth, you may want to keep a glass of water with you when smoking this. The same goes for dry eyes, although if this really hits you hard you may need to just wash your eyes out. Last but not least is the couch lock! Sometimes people leave reviews saying they were wide awake, but just didn’t feel like moving off the couch! For more information on Grandpa’s stash cannabis, feel free to read through some of our other articles, or contact one of our staff today!

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