Grape Krush

This strain Krushes the competition. It’s also spelled as Grape Crush, but that isn’t as cool. This indica-dominant strain from DJ Short has Blueberry origins with a bit of blue and purple to its hues. With an 8 week flowering time, it’s good for growers, too.

DJ Short Grape Krush has a THC level of between 10% and 19%. Grape Krush has extremely visually attractive flowers that are medium in size and are long and nearly cylindrical. The spindly looking flowers have a distinctly sativa-like shape. On their stems, they contain fluffy leaves that are the driving force of this strain. They are almost a camouflage looking pattern of a dark purple and green colour. Pigments called anthocyanins in Grape Krush’s genetics are what causes the dynamic colours to come out when they are stimulated by cooler temperatures throughout the growing process. Sticky crystal white trichomes cover the flowers and this is what causes the psychoactive effects.

It’s no surprise that Grape Krush gives off a fragrance that is of juicy, sour grapes. A sweetness that is so strong that it nearly borders on the side of smelling fermented also lingers from the strain. When the buds are ground up, it creates a spicy, hashy odour. Grape Krush burns very smoothly in a joint or a pipe. When it is exhaled, you will be able to instantly note the herbal and tea-like flavour profile. Because Grape Krush can be a potent and pungent-smelling strain, you might want to exercise caution when using this in public.

The high that is produced from DJ Short Grape Krush slowly builds over the course of 15 minutes. Initially, you might begin to feel a little tingly in the temples and eyes. You might also feel a heavy feeling in the limbs and it becomes more noticeable if you have been sitting down for a period of time and then try to stand up and move around. The high from Grape Krush is not purely sleepy and physical. There is also a wide range of mental effects that might cause users to focus their attention on specific ideas or facts that could potentially lead them on a new and completely separate trip.

If you’re looking for a strain that will help you focus and concentrate on a specific analytical task, Grape Krush might not be the one to pick. But, if you’re looking for one to daydream and ponder the complexities of life, then you will thoroughly enjoy it. Throughout the high, you will feel constant surges of relaxation that will roll from your neck to your core, and eventually, to your limbs. Grape Krush gives users a legitimate excuse to sit back and enjoy a bunch of TV. It is recommended to use after a stressful and long day at work, or just to hang out with your friends. For medical cannabis users, it can soothe symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and is known to be an effective painkiller. It is useful for dealing with headaches, indigestion, and combatting stubborn cases of insomnia.

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