Green Hornet

Green Hornet weed strain is used by a lot of couples before they go to sleep. First of all, you can expect the strain to chill you out and relax you. This is ideal because any worries from your day disappear, and you’ll feel perfectly relaxed. Next, you’re bound to feel very warm. Many actually report the urge to cuddle up against someone. Some people (not all) find that Green Hornet makes them very turned on. Not only is this one of the reasons as to why couples love it, but it’s one of the greatest strains out there for this particular benefit. Others may turn you on, but this strain is simply something else. Some even say it made them kinkier than they usually would have been.

When it comes to how Green Hornet strain tastes and smells, imagine walking through an orange garden. Do you smell that? That’s the smell of citrus. Do note the underlying Earth and Skunk that breaks through. You may even notice the hint of something sweet yet unidentifiable. As for the taste, you can expect a variety of flavors. Most of them will be heavy with citrus. Some people say that the smoke tastes of lemon one day, and orange during another.

This particular strain does indeed have some pretty great mental health benefits. First of all, people who suffer from depression and plain sadness have found Green Hornet to be very helpful. Unfortunately, those who suffer from stress and anxiety are going to have to look towards a different strain, as this one hasn’t proven to be all that great with respect to nerves.

When it comes to your physical health, Green Hornet strain has been known to have some decent benefits. A lot of users who suffer from fatigue say Green Hornet strain steadied them out. Others say it gave them the best sleep of their life, and essentially cured their insomnia. An interesting yet somewhat odd benefit of this particular strain is the way people use it to fix their sleep schedules. Many users report that the strain lets them fall asleep almost at will and wake up at a regular time! There isn’t much evidence to support this, but it sure is interesting!

Unfortunately, there are a few side effects that should be noted. First of all, anxiety and stress are not reduced when smoking Green Hornet (as mentioned), if anything, they’ve increased. This typically only happens to beginners, or to those who consume a large number of edibles. Other potential side effects include paranoia, dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes. With all of this in mind, we hope you’ve been able to decide whether this strain is right for you!

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