Green Ribbon

With balanced strain crosses of White Rhino, Trainwreck, Green Crack and Afghanica originating in San Jose, California, Green Ribbon marijuana and it’s potent 20% THC content gives users an energetic, creative, intense high. Verdant, light green buds emanate a light floral scent with slightly fruity notes. Its taste has been described as earthy. Generally considered to be elusive, it typically can be found on the West Coast. Sweet and sour, fruity, and musky are a few words to describe its flavour profile. Lingering in the background, users may notice a grape, spice and pine trees aftertaste. The medium-sized buds offer a smooth smoke and won’t cause excessive coughing.

The nugs appear white due to abundant trichomes. Having a balanced hybrid of 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica, the primary potency effects originate from the Sativa portion. When consumed, users will feel an initial powerful head rush of sociability, euphoria, happiness and creativity. Green Ribbon offers a relaxing, happy buzz that is perfect for irregular, inexperienced users. Even though it is low on CBD, this plant possesses excellent genetics. Green Ribbon has garnered a reputation as performing well with medical patients due to its well-rounded terpene profile. Users have described that their thoughts were very focused and were able to carry on a coherent conversation. Green Ribbon is said to be an excellent choice for sitting around with a group of good friends and talking. Some have said that they had so much energy that they felt like dancing.

Medical uses of Green Ribbon are fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. The most common use is for the treatment of mild pain discomfort. Now while it isn’t strong enough for acute, excruciating pain (IE broken bones caused by a car accident or post-surgery pain) it is quite effective for mild pain relief. Patients who smoke Green Ribbon have reported that it allows them to resume their normal, everyday, regular daily activities all the while not feeling totally “bombed”, “trashed” or otherwise totally “out of it” and disengaged. Helping to alleviate symptoms such as pain and migraine headaches, patients will appreciate the sedative effects of this strain. For those who suffer from a more psychological type of disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD Green Ribbon is highly suitable.

Patients suffering from major disorders such as seizures or Parkinson’s Disease, due to the low CBD content, the Green Ribbon strain would not prove to be beneficial in alleviating discomfort in this particular instance. Consumers may find that supply and demand is not on their side and ultimately will have to pay a premium price in order to obtain Green Ribbon. However, when factoring in a cost-benefit breakdown analysis, this balanced strain and high potency profile make it worthwhile to spend the extra money on seeds, buds and clones. The Green Ribbon strain is known to be more of a robust outdoor California breed, but people have had success in growing it inside as well. Those who grow marijuana are constantly mixing and interbreeding plants to create new and interesting strains. When growing, a plant can be “tweaked”.

For example, if you find Trainwreck pleasant but a little too intense and strong, try crossbreeding it with a good Indica. Throw into the mix some Old Gangsta Kush with some Sour Diesel and you get a strain known as Headband. Combine a Hash Plant with Gangsta-13 and you get a strain known as Mr. Nice. You may be wondering about the Trainwreck nomenclature. It has been long rumoured to have initially been grown near the location of a train that derailed and crashed. Hence its name. With Green Ribbon being Sativa dominant, it possesses an uplifting and cerebral quality that lets the mind wander creatively or focus intently on an object or specific task. Some users may get absorbed in the minutiae of stroking or petting the carpet, usually with their bare feet.

Once the buzz high takes effect, people feel the need to go exploring often walking to their local park in the rain on or through the woods when smoking up by a blazing log fire when camping. Some sensations have been described as a slight dulling and feeling like one is falling through the very fabric of time and space. Others feel euphoric. Regular users have described a “cerebral stimulation”. Thoughts have been described as a loudly free-flowing internal back and forth monologue. With Green Ribbon being a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid strain, in actuality with strains having at a minimum 40% Sativa content, the balance does tend to lean more towards Sativa than Indica. A user will experience an initial sudden intense rush to your head. One may even feel slightly shocked at this sensation.

This is then followed by a powerful feeling of happiness and overall euphoric bliss contentment, with a natural tendency to want to share the weed goodness with others and be loquacious, outgoing and friendly. After you’ve experienced the Sativa effects, soon Indica will take over as you enter the end segment of the high. Naturally, with so many different strains of marijuana to choose from, knowing which one to pick can be challenging and daunting. Not surprisingly people could tend to feel overwhelmed. An easy way to wade through your assorted choices, first take a look at your own motivations for wanting to smoke Green Ribbon marijuana in the first place.

Chances are you’re most likely a recreational user or are using marijuana for medical purposes to help provide symptom relief. Take a look at if you want a Sativa or Indica strain or a combined blend of both. Examine the THC and CBD content which, if you’re a novice beginner, you’ll want to explore this strain in some detail. Green Ribbon is a highly coveted strain due to its very high levels of THC and pronounced buzz effects. If you can get your hands on this, most definitely give it a try. Yes, it will cost a bit more when compared to other strains of marijuana, but in the long run, it will be well worth it and you’ll enjoy the high.

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