Guava Gelato

If there’s trouble, call the Green Avenger. This strain combines Genius and Vortex, and the result is a strain with some long colas that stick to you. It smells just like tropical flowers, too. With a citrusy, pineapple note to it, you’re going to love every bit of it.

Guava Gelato is a fascinating hybrid strain of cannabis that is equally balanced throughout. A large portion of the cannabis community attributes this strain to the mystical Fruiti Labs. This is Sherbinkski’s renowned weed grow, which is the most possible and plausible source of this strain. Sherbinkski is a cannabis company specializing in various aspects of cannabis consumption, as well as health and branding products. They are best known for developing the Gelato strain and making its many phenotypes popular. In the weed world, this has created a trend where influencers and celebrities alike are prized for smoking Sherbinkski buds and wearing their apparel items.

The Guava Gelato strain is known to be a phenotype of the popular Gelato strain, which means that Guava Gelato portrays itself as one of the several individual genetic forms. This strain has the same parents as other Gelato phenotypes: the GSC Thin Mint and the Sherbert Sunset. This specific phenotype is known for its distinct and unique combination of scent and taste that separates it from the rest.

Characteristics of Guava Gelato

Physically, Guava Gelato buds are no different from plain Gelato buds. They frequently take the same shape as other phenotypes, which are medium-sized nugs with hues spanning from light minty green to deep purple. The thick buds are covered with crystal trichomes so abundant they will actually slip from the bud when you handle them. It is very difficult and tricky to find large buds because they sell out nearly immediately. You are most likely to find this strain in the shake sections of a dispensary or even just in concentrate form. The scent of the flowers is the main reason Guava Gelato bud has separated itself from the rest of the family. The terpene profile in this weed is exclusive to the Gelato species because it includes aromas of creamy tropical fruit combined with a piña colada. Many users would identify it as a sharp, hoppy fragrance. The taste is very similar and is pretty much like a piña colada with hops.

Effects of Guaba Gelato

The Guava Gelato hybrid is no different from many of the other Gelato strain effects. It offers an uplifting feeling right at the beginning of the high, and this is what slowly leads your mind to be filled with emotions of elation and euphoria. Users who want to strengthen their concentration to finish tasks on their to-do list can effectively use this strain while relieving the physical muscle pain that comes from chronic injuries. Many consume Guava Gelato do so to relieve the negative effects of inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, and stomach issues.

Go out and find some Guava Gelato seeds and try growing it today to experience the many beneficial effects of this strain.

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