Hawaiian Duckfoot

There’s a duck afoot. This Hawaiin landrace and Duckfoot combination have webbed leaves, large buds, and plenty of trichomes. This indica-dominant strain is sweet, hashy, and gives you that euphoric sensation, too.
The Duckfoot strain of cannabis is a unique one that contains large and heavy nuggets that are completely coated in trichomes. The aroma that this strain gives off is a mixture of skunk and sweetness. You might also notice a hashy smell to it. At first glance, Duckfoot cannabis doesn’t even really look like cannabis. Even if you’re a veteran expert in the cannabis industry, you might mistake the duck foot strain for a different type of plant. The unfortunate news is that the original Ducksfoot strain is a clone-only one, and that means that you will not be able to buy it anywhere as a seed. There are a whole bunch of different variations of Duckfoot, and the majority of them all have the same type of characteristics as far as visuals go.

Effects of Duckfoot Cannabis

Duck Foot cannabis is a potent strain that produces a high that will have your brain feeling sort of numb. It is known to have an unusual taste to it, and many users are disgruntled at not being able to find more of this weed around. Duckfoot is a smooth strain to smoke, and the taste lingers in your mouth after consumption. Users will feel a relaxing body stone that will keep their mood uplifted. Because of the mood benefitting effects of this strain, it is useful for those dealing with depression. If you’ve had a tough, stressful, and tiring day at work, Duckfoot is one strain that will help bring your mood back to a positive baseline. Despite the relaxation it provides, you rarely get the heavy feelings of couch-lock that weed can sometimes cause. It is an overall happy weed that is just as fun to consume as it is to cultivate.

Duckfoot Plant Structure

Hawaiian Duckfoot can reach up to 8 feet high and averages around 6 feet in width. It is a very huge and bushy plant that spreads out in a broad fashion. Buds on Duckfoot can sometimes get as big as a human leg. It is known to be a fairly hardy plant and can deal with the elements quite well. Hawaiian Duckfoot seeds grow at a fast rate, and you can see yields of up to two pounds. Successive leaves on the plant can grow as large as dinner plates. As the plant further ripens, the size of the leaves will progressively lessen. Duckfoot produces buds that have a varied formation. They are fat and heavy, come in the standard green color, and are very solid. The potency of Duckfoot is strong and can be smelt meters away. The aroma also tends to linger around in the air. It’s recommended to store Duckfoot cannabis in proper jars because it is one strain that will cause your house to smell. Hawaiian Duckfoot seeds are going to be hard to come by, and if you do ever happen to find some, you should consider yourself extremely lucky.

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