Hawaiian Sunrise

Cool down with some refreshing gelato. This strain takes Gelato and Guava to make a strain that smells like hoppy tropical flavours. The buds themselves are dense and filled with flavour. It’s an indica-dominant strain that has a lot going for it, and we believe that you’re going to love every bit of what it has to offer.

Hawaiian Sunrise Strain is the perfect strain for those who want nothing more than to be relaxing on a beach somewhere, ignorant of all their problems. Sit back and enjoy the cerebral and physical high that the strain is known for. Watch your creativity spike and see the world in an entirely new light. Complete your tasks with ease and efficiency incomparable to any other method, and view your art and hobbies through a lens previously inaccessible. Rather than couch locking you and putting you to sleep, Hawaiian Sunrise will energize your mind. Give you the power and motivation you need to get done what you previously couldn’t. Some users even report their libido to have increased significantly.

This particular strain tastes of citrus and lemon yet are spicy at the same time. The fruity and tropical flavours make the strain a favourite among beginners, while the spice attracts the veterans. As for the aromas, Hawaiian Sunrise has been known smell of the tropics. The smell tends to transport people away from their worries, and in a way, to a tropical location. Alongside the tropical scent is the hint of chilli peppers, which for some is lovely, whereas for others it stings the nose and sinuses. This particular strain’s aroma is loved by some, hated by others. There really isn’t any in-between. If you like the effects of the strain, but dislike the smell, try consuming the cannabis in edible form.

Hawaiian Sunrise has been known to benefit those suffering from body pains and mental hardships. People suffering from head and toothaches have reported a significant reduction in pain when using. They also report that the pain didn’t return until hours after the high end. Stomachaches, backaches, and even cramps have also been known to be reduced when the victim uses Hawaiian Sunrise. Besides physical, the strain is also good for mental hardships.

Examples being depression and fatigue. Depression may seem to many like a lack of motivation, an urge to become isolated, and a lacking ability to be talkative. Due to the euphoric mind high that Hawaiian Sunrise is known for, those symptoms are no more. You’ll feel social throughout whatever events you partake in. People who suffer from stress and anxiety also report being benefitted. The strain is perfect for chilling you out, reducing the significance of your stressors, and leaving behind a calming warmth that lasts long after the high dissipates.

Unfortunately, this particular strain is not without side effects. Users may experience dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and slight paranoia. It’s important to note that these symptoms are not common, and tend to only affect beginner users. As for dry mouth and dry eyes, if you suffer from those particular symptoms when using Hawaiian Sunrise, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated will fix your problem easily and efficiently.

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