High Noon Irish Cream

This is one wedding you’ll want to crash. It combines Power Plant and Indica Blitz to make a strain that is sativa-dominant and has some nice vanilla flavors to it.
The Irish Cream strain is one that was produced by Mighty Irish Seeds. The breeders are from Ireland, and it’s no surprise based on the name of this strain. Irish Cream cannabis is a back-cross of Mighty Irish Hope, which is the breeder’s signature strain. The Irish Cream weed strain has a THC content that averages between 14% and 20%. This makes it an ideal strain for beginner users and experienced users.
Upon looking at the medium to large-sized buds, users will also notice that the formation of the flowers is in a type of spherical and conical formation. This speaks truly of the strain’s indica heritage. The structure of the buds is also solid and dense. The colors of the Irish Cream cannabis strain are forest green. There isn’t a whole lot of pistils coming out of this strain, but you will see a few if you look closely. The leaves are coiled, and there is a layer of dusty trichomes covering the surface.
Irish Cream has an aroma that is a mix of sweet and fruity. Floral undertones can also be smelled sometimes. If you take a closer whiff, you’ll notice Irish Cream also has a dank type of odor. Grinding up the bud will result in more of a nutty fragrance. When Irish Cream is smoked, it is smooth and fairly pleasant. Users will taste the nutty flavors that are also mixed in with hints of coffee. Growers will be glad to know that Mighty Irish Seeds sells Irish Cream strain seeds online. It takes around seven or eight weeks to produce a yield.

Type of High and Medicinal Benefits

The Irish Cream cannabis strain has a high that usually takes over five minutes to kick in. The high usually starts off in the eyelids, and then gradually creeps down to the neck. Users will begin to experience muscle tension being relieved throughout their bodies, and relaxation will fill their minds. Many users prefer to just relax inside after taking a few tokes of Irish Cream because of the soothing body melt. Couchlock is a common occurrence after smoking a little Irish Cream, and it’s recommended not to do activities that require a high degree of mental acuity. It is a strain that is best consumed when you have nothing going on in the day. Because of these sedative feelings, it is best to consume Irish Cream during the evening hours.
Irish Cream cannabis is a sedative strain with many potential benefits for medicinal users. Irish Cream can work great for those who deal with insomnia. Because of the body melt it provides, it can relax aches and pains throughout the body as a result of chronic injuries or ailments. Nausea and headaches can also be relieved due to Irish Cream’s anti-inflammatory properties. Depression and anxiety will also be drowned out by Irish Cream. This is one strain that typically doesn’t lead to a cerebral high that will create paranoia in users.

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