High School Sweetheart

This particular strain is excellent for those who just want to chill out. You can expect to feel euphoric, calmed, and even warm. Yes, you read that right, warm! Your extremities are likely to become very warm, which furthers your chill out level. Alongside the warmth and calmness is incredible euphoria. No less important, you are likely to feel very turned on, which of course, is great for couples (or partiers if you’re into that sort of thing).

When it comes to the smell and flavor of this particular strain, you’re going to be blown away. When you first light the joint, you’re going to smell vast amounts of blueberry mixed with something that’s super sweet yet hard to identify. Some people describe the combination as smelling like cotton candy in their review of this strain. As for the taste, the results tend to be very similar. Some do report, however, that the taste isn’t as strong as the smell.

This particular strain does, in fact, have some decent medical benefits. Regarding your mental health, many people find that this strain reduces their stress levels, anxiety level, and intensity of potential depressive episodes. These reductions are all due to the serotonin and dopamine levels that are increased in your brain. These levels are what regulate your mood, your stress, euphoria, and so much more.

As for the physical realm, users can expect a reduction in chronic pain. This includes back pain, toothaches, stomach aches, and even migraines. A lot of women actually use this strain to combat their menstrual cramps. A fact that’s very exciting in the medical community. Alongside pain, the reduction is a reduction in inflammation, as well as seizures and muscle spasms, according to a lot of this weed strain’s reviews. Muscle spasm and seizure reduction are often due to the calming of your muscles.

Many users report that the thickness of the smoke gets to be a little too much for them. Although the taste is great and the smell is lovely, many find that inhales make them cough heavily. Alongside this thick smoke are a few other side effects that are worth mentioning. First off is dry mouth. Dry mouth is perhaps the most common side effect out there and is common among a lot of this strain’s reviews. It’s primarily due to smoke inhalation and can be fixed by simply drinking a glass of water every now and again. Dry eyes, on the other hand, are harder to combat, as drinking water won’t do you any good here. Instead, you’ll need to rinse your eyes with plenty of lukewarm water.

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