Huckleberry Diesel

This strain will make you feel like a pinhead. From Archive Seed Bank, this indica-leading strain combines Face-Off Og and Fire OG. It’s covered in crystals and has a piney, lemony smell to it. It’s won some awards, such as being the Concentrate winner in the San Fransisco High Times Cannabis Cup of 2014.

Huckleberry Diesel,
a potent strain to fuel your day

Huckleberry Diesel is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain that combines Sour Diesel and Huckleberry. It has a crowd-pleasing aroma and a layered high that is as enjoyable while you are out on an adventure as it is when you’re simply lounging on your couch. It reaches a staggering 26%, giving it its award-winning edge. It has small to medium in size buds and a spherical shape that clings together in popcorn-like crystal-covered clusters. The flowers have a thick and tightly-packed structure that is often associated with indica-dominant marijuana varieties. It leaves are a mossy shade of green and are interwoven through with red to orange pistils. Phenotypes of this strain frequently have patches of purple in the leaves. It is coated in translucent white trichomes on the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, giving the plant a silvery sheen.

On the nose, the smell of berries wafts up from Huckleberry Diesel cured buds. The fruity aroma does have some funky kush-like scents that will remind you of a skunky diesel smoke. Once you break open and grind these dense, you will pick up spicy notes. When blazed in a pipe or a joint, Huckleberry Diesel flowers burn with a smoke that is harsh and cough-inducing. On the taste front, it is fruity and sweet on the exhale. Even though it has a purplish colour, this strain has no detectable grape flavour.

This high take effect pretty quickly. It smacks users with a sudden surge in higher-order processing. The stimulation of cerebral and analytical thinking is combined with a burst of energy. As you may have figured out, this strain is ideal for getting work done, from problem-oriented tasks to creative brainstorming. It can even give you the motivation you need to accomplish mundane tasks such as cleaning. As time passes, you will experience a mildly disorienting sense of physical relaxation coursing through your body. Some users say they feel a heaviness in the eyelids and limbs followed by some euphoria. In its later stages, the high lends itself to trippy surroundings like atmospheric music. Huckleberry Diesel use is recommended for daytime use.

Medical marijuana users appreciate the benefits that come from smoking some Huckleberry Diesel. Its ability to increase focus can help people with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on a single task. It can also be helpful in relieving stress and depression as it can uplift your mood while helping you process your thoughts more mindfully and consciously. It can bring moderate relief from bodily aches and pains. Patients who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks should approach Huckleberry Diesel humbly.

For home growers, it may prove to be temperamental strain to cultivate. It is best grown indoors and requires a semi-humid climate with temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Within the right conditions, you can look forward to rapid growth and early trichome production. The bloom begins with pungent diesel smells at the mid to end of its flower cycle. Scents of berry and diesel will flood your grow room as the strain ripens.

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