Inzane In The Membrane

Feel the relaxation of a private escape, Island Haze takes you on a tropical trip. Island Haze breeds the genetics of Cannalope Haze x Blue Jam blending the fruity flavors and haze effect of the parent strains. This strain is known to uplift the mental state, instilling happiness and creativity, while fighting depression and fatigue. Island Haze has a full spectrum aroma and ideally suited for any weather like the tropics.
The Inzane In The Membrane strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid brought to us by the folks at Ethos Genetics. The plant itself produces large yields of icy lime green colored nugs that are coated in orange hairs and snowy white crystals. The strain has a strong and loud smell of lemon essence combined with other citrus fruits and some spicy notes. The flavor also borrows from its Cannalope Haze roots with notes of sweet melons and sour pine. Inzane in the Membrane is more suitable for experienced smokers as it has a THC level of up to 20%.

Inzane in the Membrane strain review

Having two or three puffs of this powerful stain will have you feeling the cerebral effects of this legendary strain. Occasional smokers enjoy this strain because it activates and energizes your mind while it calms your body. After a few tokes of this smoke, you will feel an exhilarating energy rippling through your mind while you experience a building body buzz. You can take this strain while doing mundane tasks such as washing dishes and laundry, the otherwise boring task will seem a lot more exciting. Some people also take a few puffs of Inzane in the Membrane before doing some exercises.
If you are a newbie smoker or if you know that you have a low THC tolerance, we suggest you take a small dosage and pace yourself in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the effects. As the high evolves, some people will feel the relaxing effects intensely even to the point of falling asleep. It is best to use this as a nighttime smoke.
In terms of its benefits for medical cannabis patients, Inzane in the Membrane weed offers a host of healing properties. People who are suffering from chronic stress, depression, and anxiety can find that this strain stabilizes the mood and provides a general calm. People with attention deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD find that this strain helps them focus on one task at a time. It is also useful in managing pains caused by inflammation. It has been known to stimulate the appetite, a property that can be very helpful to people with a lack of appetite and nausea. Patients have also found that the Inzane strain has helped relieve symptoms of glaucoma and diabetes.
Inzane in the Membrane, cannabis can thrive when grown outside in warm climates, but its structure lends itself to indoor cultivation. Inzane in the Membrane weed will take about eight to nine weeks to flower, and it is well worth the wait. The strain yields a massive twenty grams or even more per plant. Inzane in the Membrane marijuana strain grows a lot better when it is in soil than it does when grown hydroponically.

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