Jamaica is said to be the promised land of cannabis and is home to many indigenous landraces. These strains grow natively and are simply called Jamaican. Jamaica’s climate and latitude usually means these strains are Sativa and grow tall and large.

Likewise, Hawaii is legendary for its pakalolo (aka weed or cannabis). It is the marriage between Lamb’s Bread strain from Jamaica and Sweet Lady of Waiahole from Hawaii. The fusion of tropical vibes creates an uplifting and stimulating high that gives users lots of energy. Best enjoyed during the day, it is known for its exciting body high that encourages self-reflection and creativity. It smells like pineapples and tropical fruits with earthy undertones – and tastes even better! From beginning to end, it is nothing but good vibes and positivity. Enjoy the energetic and uplifting high of Jahwaiian strain.

Wondering what to expect from the strain? User experience varies from person to person. Many people love this strain for their energizing and uplifting effects. The strong body high can help facilitate creativity, positivity, and good vibes. Users often experience an exciting boost of creativity from the strain’s high. Like other powerful Sativa strains, it offers users a boost of energy. It is a potent strain and users often experience an intense high.

There are several medical benefits to using it. Strain’s uplifting and energetic high is great for improving your mood. Many users find it helpful in managing seasonal depression, situational depression, and chronic depression as well as other mood disorders. It can help alleviate the pressure behind your eyes. Many users have found this strain helpful in treating pressure headaches, glaucoma, and eye pressure. Its uplifting high is excellent for helping users relax and de-stress. It can be useful in managing stress and anxiety.

While user experience varies from user to user, some people have reported the following negative side effects while using Jahwaiian. Anxiety is a common side effect of any cannabis strain. Since Jahwaiian produces a potently energetic body high, we recommend it for experienced users. Some strain users have experienced dizziness, vertigo and dry eyes. Dry mouth, or “the pasties” is a common side effect of any cannabis strain.

Curious about what it tastes like? It’s exactly what you’d imagine Jamaica and Hawaii taste like! It is a sweet, tropical, and earthy flavour that you’ll love!

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