Jamba Juice

No need to be sour. From Humboldt Seed Company, a combination of Humboldt Headband and Sour Diesel Bx3 creates this killer strain. It tastes like its namesake and is good for a creative day. Also, those buds are dense.

The Jamba Juice strain is definitely one of the more interesting additions to the marijuana group. This is particularly because of its unique ability to get rid of period cramps. Typically people use this for all types of pain but one of the most common is definitely menstrual cramps. Fortunately, the strain is actually used for all types of pain including chronic pain. This means you could use Jamba Juice for injury-related pains, disorder related pains and so much more.

For anyone that’s curious about the taste of the Jamba Juice strain it actually tastes a lot like blueberries. And we’re not talking about any regular blueberry we’re talking about some of the sweetest and most fresh blueberries you’ve ever tried. A lot of people love this strain for no reason other than that it is incredibly refreshing. For a strain to be described as refreshing is super unique for the majority or not.

One of the most common usages of this strain is the alleviation of depression. By balancing various imbalances in your brain you will feel more euphoric and of course less depressed. The balances we speak of are the serotonin and dopamine balances in your brain. For those that are unfamiliar with the two chemicals, they are basically the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Sometimes people even call them happy chemicals. They’re both naturally produced and all the strain has to do is ramp up that natural production. The same logic works for anxiety and stress. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety disorders have the exact same causal factor. Imbalances in the brain of serotonin and dopamine meaning that you could also use this strain to cure yourself of anxiety. For anyone interested that method of balancing an imbalance is actually the same way antidepressants get rid of anxiety disorders as well as depressive disorders.

As of now, the Jamba juice strain does not have any large negative side effects associated with it. However, that does not mean you should not be careful when you see it. If you take too much you may experience paranoia and dizziness but this is typically only experienced by beginners. And if you’re a beginner all you have to do is make sure you got the dosage right. The only other side effects you may experience, even if you’re a veteran user, is dry mouth and dry eyes. Both of which are caused by dehydration and smoke. All you need to do to cure this ailment is to drink plenty of fluids and perhaps wash your eyes out if the drinking of fluids does not help.

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