Karma Bitch

The Karma Bitch strain is a well-balanced one that users will use when they need to get things done throughout the day. The name of this strain is almost like something you would see coming out of a meme. It has a moderate THC content level that averages around 19%. The nugs on Karma Bitch usually have hues of purple and contain bright-colored orange pistils. There is an adequate level of trichomes on the buds, and users might even find themselves instantly craving to smoke it upon glancing at it. Regarding the Karma Bitch smoke report, users will almost see this strain as a cup of morning coffee. While the aroma does kind of smell like coffee, users will also smell a wood and pepper aroma. This can sometimes make the exhale of the smoke a little on the harsh side.

Effects Overview of Karma Bitch

Even though the THC content of Karma Bitch is at 19%, it feels like the strain is a lot stronger than it is. It only takes a couple of small tokes to get to a level of euphoria that you won’t want to escape from. Users will feel like a warm sensation overcomes them from the top of their heads to the bottoms of their feet. Increased motivation will also cause users to want to keep active and accomplishing things. Despite the increased energy, users will still remain organized and not in a frantic frenzy. It’s recommended for users to take advantage of this rush because once it wears off, a deep and sedative relaxation will start to occur.

Medicinal Uses of Karma Bitch

Karma Bitch has the ability to deal with both mental and physical issues. When you are in a state of pure bliss after consuming this strain, depression can’t really find its claws into your mind. Stress levels will be rapidly eliminated, and muscle pain will be soothed nearly instantly. If you consume Karma Bitch before sitting down and eating a meal, your appetite will most likely be increased.

Growing Karma Bitch

Even though you can grow Karma Bitch inside, it tends to do better in outdoor environments that are warm and sunny. It has thick branches that allow it to withstand the variety of weather conditions that are thrown at it. To ensure that Karma Bitch will grow to its full potential, it’s recommended to do a good pruning and topping every now and then. Karma Bitch takes around 9 to 10 weeks to mature, and it will produce a decent-sized yield.

To sum things up on the strain review Karma Bitch, it will put a smile on your face after only a couple of puffs. It’s a good strain to use in the late afternoon when you need a boost in your day, but still want to relax afterward. The strain is useful to have around you at all times because you never know when you can make use of a good jolt of energy.

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