Kaua’i Electric

We have the coast of Southern India to thank for Kerala, an incredible landrace strain. Originating from the Idukki region of Southern India, this strain was bred by The Landrace Team. Kerala is a strong cannabis plant designed to allow it, users, to enjoy the outdoors. It has a diverse and complex aroma filling the area with musk, spice, mint, and menthol. Kerala buds are bright green contrasted with purple stalks.

Cultivated exclusively near Mount Waialeale, Kauai Electric is a strain known for its bright fantastical colours, its tropical aroma and flavour, and a fantastic cerebral high that’ll impress veteran and beginner users alike. The strain is primarily Sativa, and considering the plant is cultivated in one the rainiest places on the plant, it should come as no surprise that many flocks towards Kauai Electric because of the tropical vibes provided. Flavours rich with passion fruit, guava and mango, yet with an aftertaste of Earth and skunk. Kauai Electric Strain is a favourite amongst young and old users alike that just want to feel free, party their hearts out, and forget about the daily stressors of life.

By inducing a mild yet powerful cerebral high, and a light body to relax the extremities, users will notice their spirits lift and their stressors lessen. Expect euphoria to fill the void that once housed stress and anxiety. Not to mention, expect a creative boost that’ll have you seeing and thinking in ways you never thought possible. Many recommend taking light doses to feel the euphoria and creativity during the today, whereas larger doses at night to help you calm down and relax. Many people enjoy consuming the strain before bed as it’s been known to mellow you out at large doses.

Many people use the strain when partying or hanging out with their significant other, simply due to the fact that the strain induces euphoric feelings as well as a significant increase in libido. Many people report that their libido spiked very far compared to other similar strains. People who suffer from performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual hardships often lean on Kauai Electric on support and find great success.

This particular strain is known to be quite beautiful, and it’s not just the tropical colours that give it a beautiful reputation. Each nugget is known to be super dense and covered in an incredibly thick layer of trichomes. Each trichome is a beautiful semi-transparent white, and are sparsely covered in rust coloured hairs. Besides the actual appearance of the plant, people love the fact that the high the strain provides comes on really quickly. After the first inhale you’ll notice that the cerebral high comes on very quickly, with the body high not far behind.

Keep in mind that Kauai Electric does, unfortunately, have a few side effects. Each side effect is fairly minor in nature and isn’t worthy of significant worry, but it’s important that they are listed anyway. The first being dry mouth. The most common side effect known to all Cannabis strains out there. If you experience dry mouth when using this particular strain, make sure to drink plenty of fluids. Similarly, if you experience dry eyes, make sure to drink plenty of fluids as well. These side effects are often due to dehydration caused by smoke inhalation. If you’re experiencing dry eyes long after the high ends, worry not for a simple purchase of off the shelf eye drops should help. Either that or wash your eyes with regular clean water.

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