Kubbie Kush

Known as the Alien bud, Kubbie Kush by Cresco Labs is an Indica-dominant strain that marries Lemon Alien and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The strain has a sedative quality without being overwhelming and gives an otherworldly sense of relaxation. The sweet floral terpene profile makes the smoking experience almost as pleasant as the high itself.

How high will you get from Kubbie Kush? Results vary from consumer to consumer, but many users have experienced a relaxing body high. It is known for its satisfying full-body buzz that can calm your mind and body. Many users find this strain helpful to manage mental and physical pain, such as; anxiety, aches, and arthritis.

Most users experience extreme relaxation and chill from it. Enjoy a calm mind and body with the strain. Kubbie Kush users love the creative high they get from this strain. Let your creativity flow with the cerebral body high. Enjoy the calm focus you get from it. Users find they’re more focused and less distracted with it. Kubbie Kush is an intense high. Users are bound to feel the effects. It is great for regulating your sleep schedule. Since the high is incredibly relaxing and will help you fall asleep.

There are several medical benefits to using it. This strain provides users with relief from both physical and mental pain. It can be excellent for managing chronic physical pain and mental disorders. Whether you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, or other body pain, it can help alleviate it.
It can help manage seasonal depression, situational depression, and chronic depression. It is great for treating other mood disorders in addition to depression. Get a good night’s rest and manage insomnia with Kubbie Kush.
It is excellent for managing stomach issues like nausea and irritable bowel syndrome. Manage stress and anxiety with the strain. This strain is great at helping relax your mind and calm internal turmoil.

While most people love the strain, some users have experienced a few negative side effects. Like any strain of cannabis, there are common drawbacks to some users. Anxiety is a common cannabis side effect. Some users have reported feeling anxiety and dry eyes while using it. Dry mouth, or “the pasties”, is a common side effect of cannabis. Paranoia can be another common side effect of cannabis. It is similar to anxiety. Some strain’s users have reported feeling paranoid.

The strain has an exciting sweet aroma and flavour. Many users say it smells like fruit punch! Enjoy the flavours of sweet berries and citrus.

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