Kush Cleaner

K1 is number one. This sativa-dominant strain combines LA Kush with Durban Poison. It’s a peppery tasting strain with some beautiful, frosty mint nugs that you will love.

Kush Cleaner strain genetics are amazing for couples who just want to chill out and spend some time together. A lot of people report that they feel super warm when high on this. Others actually report that their libido spikes dramatically, which is arguably why Kush Cleaner is a favorite among couples. When high on this you can also expect your creative abilities to increase, making intimate time together with a little more fun. People have actually mentioned that they feel like experimenting more on this. In other words, people say they actually get kinkier! Overall the effects of this song are super great and are loved by couples all over the world.

Kush cleaner strain genetics is actually pretty great for medical marijuana patients. A lot of people actually use it to get rid of headaches, migraines, and more. Believe it or not, this strain is used a lot by people who go through chemotherapy, because it works great for reducing nausea. Although most strains are like this, Kush Cleaner is really good at it. We’d actually like to mention that you should avoid crossfading while on this strain. If you drink too much and need to clear your system, you won’t be able to throw anything up! That can be very dangerous, as your body relies on vomiting as a backup. Another medical benefit that this particular strain boasts is the ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a big part of chronic pain, and when said inflammation disappears, that pain disappears as well.

Kush Cleaner’s smell isn’t as famous as other strains, but it is still beloved by many users. The smell is full of Earth and Wood, and many actually report feeling like going outdoors after smoking it. Some people even claim it somehow smells of sunlight and life! As for the taste, it’s not all that different. Tastes like dirt and Earth, with a bunch of pine and wood thrown in. As for the smoke itself, most people find it to be just the right amount of thickness. Easy to inhale, but not so thin that you don’t get high!

Unfortunately, this strain does have its fair share of side effects. A lot of people report that when moving around they feel very dizzy, and have at times fallen. Because of this, we recommend you remain stationary while smoking this strain. Another potential side effect that some have reported is paranoia! Although this strain has been known to reduce stress, some people do feel somewhat paranoid. This is fortunately not all that common among regular users, but beginners need to be careful. Also, keep an eye out for itchy eyes (pun unintended) and cottonmouth. For more kush cleaner strain info, please contact us.

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