Laughing Gas

Killer Queen has already touched your pipe. This British Columbia strain combines Cinderella 99 and G13 to make a strain that tastes a little fruity and a little bit like the tropics. It’s a strain that’s good for the daytime, giving you a burst of energy that makes all other strains bite the dust.

Living up to its name, the Laughing Gas cannabis strain is known for energizing you, chilling you out, and making you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before. Worry not, for your problems will seem silly. Laughing Gas Strain lets you see the full picture. No crazier loose ends, no more stressors, just one big picture that’s easy to decipher. Laughing Gas allows you to let loose all the tension built up within your body, and just let go. Many users of the strain report incredible euphoria, uncontrollable giggles, and increased libido.

This particular strain wants you to live your life the way a carefree you would want to live. Have some fun, have some good laughs, and most of all, stop stressing out. It should be said that even though laughing gas is used by many that want to just feel carefree and limitless, some people do experience anxiety. Although this side effect is certainly unfortunate, and perhaps the exact opposite of what you’d want the strain to do, it is not all that common. Frankly, even if you do experience slight anxiety, it won’t last long considering the giggles are always right around the corner. They call it laughing gas for a reason!

Many users of Laughing Gas use this particular strain to combat medical issues like pain and insomnia. The former is a problem that many suffer from. Whether it be a headache or an injured knee, Laughing Gas will get you through it. It may not be as great as some top strains, but nothing compares when considering the endless laughs Laughing Gas creates. This strain gets to the root of many aches. Inflammation and stress. Inflammation is often caused by injury or disorder, and by reducing said inflammation, the pain disappears! By reducing stress, pain is often alleviated as well, for stress can actually cause headaches. Last but not least, Laughing Gas is a big combatant towards insomnia. Although not as effective as other strains, Laughing Gas often tires the user out and allows them to enjoy a full night’s rest long after the high has worn off.

When smoking or consuming Laughing Gas in edible form, expect to taste citrus and lemon, along with hints of diesel. The smell is similar, yet often spicier. Laughing Gas has a THC content of approximately 20 percent, and is a Sativa hybrid. Many users report that when smoking the cannabis strain they can actually detect hints of pine, along with other Earthy aromas. Laughing Gas is the perfect strain for anyone struggling with moderate body pain, and is interested in simply having a good time. You could get stronger strains that provide stronger body and cerebral highs, but why miss out on the uncontrollable giggles?

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