Legend of Nigeria

The legend lives on in the limonene with the sativa dominant strain Legendary Lemon. This strain breeds two citrusy classics, Lemon Skunk x Lemon Kush with two racy Mexican strains Zacetacas and Oaxaca. Legendary Lemon is a fast-acting strain with a powerful head high and light euphoria. Imagine a flavour or rich flower and lemon custard helping to overcome depression and fatigue. Legend of Nigeria has very dense buds and the blueberry type of odour that permeates your senses is fairly strong. It will give a large yield and takes just over two months to flower. It has a larger than usual size of flower and their leaves are swirly and twisty. You will almost think that the buds aren’t doing well because of their pale looking colour, but it’s just how they are. Though it does initially smell of berries, you will also notice that it smells a little bit of diesel and earthier aromas.

Things To Note About The High

The THC level in this strain of cannabis is somewhere between 18% and 24%. The energetic feelings it provides make it a great recreational high for whatever occasion you are partaking in. The high will hit you pretty quick after smoking it and will give you a head jolt, including a little pressure around the forehead area. Tingling on each side of the face and more saliva production can also happen. For new users or inexperienced users, these sensations might come as a shock and scare you off. It may take a while to become accustomed to it, but once you are, the depth of your thoughts will be lured into the rabbit hole. You might start to become bombarded and realize new connections between things in the universe. Or, you might just notice that you feel ten times more productive after taking that hit. You might feel a lot more social if you smoke it with friends, or a lot more friendly to the passing stranger.

Common Uses For Legend Of Nigeria Strain

The Legend Of Nigeria is highly recommended to take during the morning or day. If you smoke this at night, there is a chance you will have trouble falling asleep. It is an engaging high that can even produce auditory or visual hallucinations. Time seems to be affected by users who smoke this weed, too. If you sit down and crank some interesting tunes or put a trippy movie on, it will increasingly be magnified ten-fold. There are a variety of medical benefits associated with the Legend of Nigeria strain. For people with attention deficit disorder, it can help them focus on a single task at a time instead of numerous ones. Being a mood-booster, it can alleviate the symptoms of depression and stress. It’s reported to lessen the feelings of pain in the body and can be relied upon to increase the appetite for people that are having issues in that area. There is one thing to be cautious about when using Legend Of Nigeria. If you are prone to anxiety or paranoia or have a background to it, things can get uncomfortable pretty quick if you are in the wrong setting. Panic may be induced and that can lead to paranoia with this deeply thought-provoking strain. Smoke it in a familiar environment with people that you feel comfortable with and in a mindset where you have nothing to worry about.

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