Lemon Banana Sherbet

There is no other king than Kong. From Holy Smoke Seeds, this strain combines White Russian and Motivation. It’s a powerful strain that is covered in hair and has lots of THC and trichomes.

As the name suggests, Lemon Banana Sherbet is a tasty weed strain. A sativa dominant hybrid, it is a balanced strain created by the Crockett family. Combining the powerful properties of Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet strains to create a great tasting bud. This kind of weed has high THC levels, we wouldn’t recommend it for new marijuana users and consumers with low tolerance. Experienced smokers enjoy this strain for recreational use and it also has several benefits for medical cannabis use.

This cannabis has a cerebral high with an energizing edge. The strain reaches the mind quickly, occasional users say it takes about ten minutes to kick in. Some users find a few puffs of it can bring on the giggles. The onset of the high will have you feeling more focused and inspired, a perfect wake and bake option. Unlike indica dominant strains, this sativa blend stimulates productivity and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A mundane day’s work can take on a new lease of life after a smoke. The euphoria is followed by a relaxing effect on the body. While your body relaxes you will still feel the effects of the initial energizing boost, try going for a walk after a few puffs and notice how you might not feel the usual exertion of exercise. If you are usually shy and uncomfortable in social settings, you might benefit from a smoke to help you chill out and loosen up.

The name of it alone can whet most appetites, this cannabis strain can be used to treat patients with lack of appetite as it can be an appetite stimulant. It has uplifting effects on the mood which can be beneficial to patients with mood disorders. The euphoria from this bud is also a good source of relief for patients suffering from depression. Chronic fatigue is temporarily lifted by the energizing properties of this strain. Some users with stress and anxiety find this strain soothing and relaxing. It can be used to manage mild pain and inflammation from headaches and muscle pain.

The citrus burst of aroma from an opening bag of this weed will tempt you to taste it before you even light it up. The lemon aroma is accented by whiffs of ripe banana. The sweet fruity flavour is more lemon than banana, some users pick up a faint spicy flavour to complement this fruity cocktail. It not only tastes like summer but looks a lot like it too. Its buds are light with each nug having light green shades with a splattering of orange hairs.

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