Lemon Sativa

The flowers on Lemon Sativa aren’t extremely visually appealing to the eye in comparison to other plants. The size of the buds are small to medium, and their shape is long and cylindrical. The flowers though are like many other sativas in that they more of a loose structure. Their leaves are ragged-looking, and they tend to twist away from each other. The leaves are an olive green color, and if you take a closer look, you will see a bunch of dark brown and orange colored pistils poking out of the buds. You’ll want to make sure to grind this strain up with a proper buster because it will make your hands very sticky. The potency of Lemon Sativa can be estimated to be quite strong due to the heavy coating of trichomes on the bud. One downside that growers might not like to hear is that Lemona Sativa seeds cannot be purchased online.

General Effects of Lemon Sativa

It’s not a surprise that the Lemon Sativa strain begins working very quickly after consumption. Users will initially experience a type of head high that will have them feeling a little flushed in their cheeks mixed with a tad of pressure around the temples. Once users grow accustomed to these symptoms, they will notice that their thoughts will be flowing in a quick and free fashion. Topics that they found boring before will now all of a sudden be interesting and intriguing. These types of feelings can help individuals feel more social and will have them striking up conversations with anyone around them. Tasks that require a more analytical mindset can benefit from Lemon Sativa, and it is a good strain to consume if you have an extensive list of things that you have to get done. Even mundane and straightforward chores such as doing the dishes will feel more interesting than they should be.

Those who struggle with energy throughout the day will significantly benefit from Lemon Sativa. It is an upbeat high that will have users wanting to take part in activities. Lemon Sativa is an excellent strain to consume when you want a good wake-and-bake session. Medical marijuana patients will benefit from Lemona Sativa’s ability to relieve symptoms of depression. This anti-inflammatory strain can provide relief from pain and general aches throughout the body. Headaches, cramps, and nausea can also subside from consuming Lemon Sativa. For those who have a lower tolerance to THC, this strain is not highly recommended. It can sometimes cause people to have a little bit of panic or paranoia.

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