Lemon Walker OG

This lemon walks the line. Combining Lemon Skunk and Skywalker OG, this strain reeks of citrus, fruit, and has made quite the name for itself.

Lemon OG Walker is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is sativa dominant. The ratios are around 80% sativa and 20% indica. The strain was created as a cross of Lemon Pie and Skywalker OG strains. It contains a fairly high level of THC that sits at around 19-20%. While some describe it tasting much like a freshly baked lemon type of pastry, others have said it has strong hints of orange and vanilla. The Lemon Walker OG has won an award for being the best concentrate at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. After you give this strain a try, you will understand why it has won an award. Users love this strain because of the mixture of effects, fragrance, and flavour.

Lemon Walker grows to a medium height and takes around 8-9 weeks to mature to its fullest extent. The yields are around 400–500g/m² when it is grown indoors. It is a fairly easy and straightforward strain to grow, but it requires a dry climate to thrive in, with lots of sunlight. It is known to be resistant to many common moulds and mildew as well. Some users have reported this strain as being extremely pungent, much like a skunk, but also much like eating an orange while sitting in an entire field of lemons.

Effects of Lemon OG Walker

Lemon OG Walker gives a quick cerebral jolt almost immediately. Your mine will be up in the clouds feeling a sense of euphoria, creativity, and energy that will make you unexplainably giggly. User reviews have revealed that Lemon OG Walker has left them feeling less depressed. Because of these effects, it’s a great strain to smoke in a social setting. The continuous energy throughout the high will make you forget about any pain that you are experiencing and will keep your mood in an uplifted state, free of any racy thoughts that you might have been experiencing before consuming it. Because of the energy, this strain produces, a good time to use it would be during the afternoon.

For the more creative types of people, this strain will give increase sharp thoughts that will help you focus and stay on task at whatever you set your mind to. If you are writing or telling a story, it will enable you to do that with an increased depth of eloquence. For those that are dealing with appetite issues, Lemon OG Walker is very beneficial in that area. As with most strains of cannabis, Lemon OG Walker is not immune from also producing a dry mouth in users. It may also cause mild dryness in the eyes as well. In addition to relieving depression, it can also help with stress, pain throughout the body, muscle spasms, and headaches. You won’t feel as wound up after smoking a bowl of Lemon OG Walker, and you were in a bad mood prior to smoking this strain, you will have a hard time feeling in a bad mood while under its effects.

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